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Bar Marsella in Barcelona

Bar Marsella is said to be one of the oldest ones in Barcelona. It has been opened since 1820. Besides this, it has something very special on the menu – Absinthe.

Have you never visited a bar with almost two hundred years of history? This reason is enough to go to Marsella at least once in your life. High ceilings with chandeliers, marble tables and mirrors the atmosphere is very bohemian.

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If the walls of this bar could talk, they would tell us thousands of thrilling stories, some of which would feature famous artists like Dali, Picasso and Gaudi. As mentioned above, they are serving something special that can be hardly found in other bars – Absinthe. The drink, in its original form, is prohibited in many countries. The one that can be ordered today is still rare, but does not feature the secret opium ingredient.

The drink itself is an alcoholic beverage with a flavor similar to anise and an alcohol content of up to 89 degrees. This drink has always raised much controversy, as a certain amount of absinthe can cause hallucinations. If you consume Absinthe, you must be careful and you shouldn´t forget that you can´t compare it to other liqors. The Absinthe is usually served with water and / or a sugar cube.

Bar Marsella

Opening hours

Mondays to Thursdays from 21 h to 2:30 h
Fridays and Saturdays 21 h to 3 h

Sundays – closed

Address: C / Sant Pau 65

Metro station: Liceu (L3)Tel.: +34 93 318 53 47


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