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Gluten-Free Guide to Barcelona

The Ultimate Gluten Free Guide to Barcelona

The Ultimate Gluten-Free Guide to Barcelona


Worried about gluten-free options when travelling to a new city? Whether you’re celiac, intolerant or just prefer a gluten-free diet, Barcelona is a city fully equipped for your needs. From bakeries to restaurants or even fast food takeaways, the city has a wide variety of options for gluten-free diets. In this article, we will guide you through everything you need to know to have an easy, stress-free stay in the city. 


Bakeries and Cafes

gluten free bakeries

1. Pasteleria Jansana Gluten Free

First on the list is Pasteleria Jansana, located in the beautiful and lively district of Eixample. The bakery is entirely gluten-free,  yet also has a selection of lactose and dairy-free products too. Pasteleria Jansana prides itself on using high-quality raw materials in all their creations that therefore guarantees exclusive and exquisite tasting products. The bakery offers a combination of gluten-free savoury options such as croissants, empanadas and quiches as well as sweet options such as doughnuts, pretzels, brownies and tarts.

Address: Carrer de Balmes, 106, 08008 Barcelona

2. Gula Sana 

Gula Sana is another great choice for eating in Barcelona with its extensive choice of homemade delicacies. As a result of the growing demand for celiac-safe food in the city, Gula Sana opened up a vibrant cafe that delivers great alternatives to popular brunch dishes and pastries. The cafe uses purely gluten-free ingredients that ensure no cross-contamination, so people can enjoy eating out without fear. Their wide variety of gluten-free pastries include carrot cake, red velvet, tiramisu, cookies, tea pastries and much more! The cafe also caters to other allergens with lactose-free, nut-free and sugar-free products. 

Address: Carrer de la Diputació, 361, 08009 Barcelona

3. Chok the gluten-free chocolate Shop

For chocolate lovers, there is the amazing Chok, which has the perfect selection of gluten-free desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. With 5 shops spread throughout Barcelona, Chok provides great opportunities for people to enjoy creative yet delicious gluten-free pastries that cannot be found anywhere else. From peanut butter and raspberry cookies to kinder cronuts, Chok has it all! To see their latest inventions, visit their online store or pop into one of their many shops in the centre of Barcelona. 


  • Av. Diagonal, 208
  • Ramelleres, 26
  • Plaça Catalunya, 14
  • Astúries, 93
  • Carme, 3

Gluten-free Barcelona


4. Pasticelia 

Pasticelia was one of the first traditional gluten-free pastry shops in the city, having been around for many years, the shop has great experience in creating delicious pastries using purely gluten-free ingredients. Not only do they offer mouth-watering cakes, tarts and pastries, they also sell gluten-free alternatives to traditional Spanish foods for every season and celebration. Whether it’s Christmas, Easter, the Epiphany or Sant Jordi, Pasticelia provides celiac-friendly options, so no one has to miss out on the festivities. 

Address: C/. París, 165 – Barcelona


Looking for something a bit more substantial? Barcelona also has a great choice of gluten-free friendly restaurants dotted around the city. With the ever-growing awareness of celiac disease within Spain, nowadays you will find that most restaurants specifically mark gluten-free options on their menus or provide a completely separate menu altogether. Barcelona even has some restaurants purely dedicated to gluten-free food, providing you with a diverse choice that will suit everyone’s palette. 

Gluten-free Barcelona


1. M2 Gluten Free

M2 Gluten Free is a popular choice amongst locals and tourists in Barcelona. The restaurant offers over 40 different types of gluten-free dishes, with the average plate costing as little as €6. You can sit inside and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, whilst choosing from a selection of gluten-free pizzas, pasta, burgers, poke bowls and much more! As a 100% gluten-free restaurant, you can be sure to have no risk of cross-contamination. 

Address: Avenida Diagonal, 505, Bajos 2nda, 08029 Barcelona

2. Messie Pizza

Finding the perfect gluten-free pizza can be challenging, but Messie Pizza is another great restaurant in the city with years of experience in cooking celiac recipes. Messie Pizza, like M2, also uses entirely gluten-free products in their cooking, leaving no risk for contamination. Their extensive menu offers a variety of pizza, pasta, salads and desserts that are all 100% gluten-free. They also offer a huge range of gluten-free beers to accompany your meal!

Address: Siracusa, 15, 08012 Barcelona

3. The Fish & Chips Shop 

The Fish & Chips Shop is a great restaurant that is popular with both the people that do and don’t follow a gluten-free diet. The restaurant itself emulates a traditional British chippy with a slight edge, that offers an entire menu of gluten-free options. You can have the opportunity to eat in, takeaway or order online through various apps, but make sure you choose their Casanova restaurant, as not all their chains around Barcelona offer an entirely gluten-free menu. 

Address: Carrer de Casanova, 91, 08011 Barcelona

4. Out of China

Finding Chinese cuisine suitable for celiacs is usually difficult and with very limited options, however unlike most restaurants, Out of China provides an extensive choice of gluten-free dishes. The restaurant offers over 25 different gluten-free meals, such as soups, dim sums, fried rice and dumplings. The staff have in-depth knowledge of all the dishes and ensure all their customers have a unique, enjoyable experience. Located in the heart of Eixample, Out of China is a definite go-to if you’re wishing to experience Oriental cuisine whilst following a gluten-free diet. 

Address: Carrer d’Aribau, 112, 08036 Barcelona

Fast Food

Gluten-free Barcelona

1. McDonald’s

Unlike most countries, McDonald’s in Spain caters to nearly every type of allergen, especially those following a gluten-free diet. McDonald’s offers a gluten-free bun that can be swapped in the majority of their sandwiches, allowing you to transform virtually all of their sandwiches into something suitable for your diet. Furthermore, unlike most restaurants or fast-food chains, this option comes at no extra price to your meal! You can also be assured that their french fries will come with no risk of cross-contamination as McDonald’s fries them in separate oil. With over 20 McDonald’s franchises in Barcelona alone, you won’t have to travel far to taste one of their delicious gluten-free Big Macs!


  • Rambla dels Caputxins, 60 
  • Carrer de Pelai, 62 · Near Plaça de Catalunya 
  • Passeig de Gràcia, 48
  • Carrer de Villarroel, 189
  • Avinguda Diagonal, 466
  • Carrer de Provença, 427, 431 
  • Ronda de la Universitat, 33


2. Telepizza

Telepizza is perfect if you’re looking for a quick and delicious gluten-free takeaway. They offer 5 different types of gluten-free pizza; barbecue, pepperoni, carbonara, bacon and four cheeses. Despite also selling gluten-containing products, Telepizza has been authorised by the Federation of Coeliacs Associations of Spain so you can be guaranteed that their recipes are perfectly adapted to your dietary needs. They have 15 branches scattered around Barcelona so finding them is quick and easy. 


  • Travessera de Les Corts 279
  • Gran de Gràcia, 35
  • Marina, 338 esquina Industria
  • Rambla de Poble Nou, 71
  • Garrofers, 49-53


Gluten-free recipes to make at home


There is also a great selection of tapas and typical Spanish cuisine that already are gluten-free. The next part of this article will guide you through all of Spain’s greatest delicacies and all the amazing dishes you can already eat!


Gluten-Free Guide to Barcelona

Calamares a la plancha:

Known in English as ‘grilled squid’, the dish can be eaten fresh at many of Barcelona’s seafood restaurants by the beach. The squid is usually seasoned with lemon, garlic, parsley and red hot chilli flakes that give the dish its strong and spicy flavour.

Tortilla de patatas:

It is one of the most famous Spanish dishes that can be found in every tapas bar.  It normally consists of potatoes, eggs, olive oil, onions and garlic. 

Pimientos de Padron:

Known as Padron peppers in English, is a simple yet delicious dish that is a large part of Spanish cuisine. The Padron peppers are cooked on high heat, then served with oil and salt. 

Patatas Bravas:

This is another simple yet delicious dish that contains fried potatoes topped off with a spicy tomato sauce and garlic aioli. It is a cheap yet tasty dish served almost everywhere however, it is important to always ask about the oil it is fried in, in order to cross out any risk of cross-contamination. 

Ensalada Rusa (Russian Salad):

A great staple in Spanish cuisine, Ensalada Rusa is another favourite that you’ll find each restaurant will have its own, original take on. However, every dish will always have these staples; mayonnaise, potatoes, tuna and peas. 


Paella is a must-eat food during your time in Barcelona. The rice dish, originally from Valencia, is without a doubt the most popular dish all over Spain. The dish typically contains short-grain rice, seafood, saffron and vegetables. 


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