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asian restaurants in Barcelona

Asian restaurants in Barcelona

Asian people are traveling all over the world, and are taking their culture with them. From street food to boutique restaurants, lovers of Asian food are well catered for throughout the world. Oriental supermarkets and restaurants can be found in the international city of Barcelona. Whether you are an Asian traveler looking for comfort food or anyone into good Asian food, see below for five of the best Asian restaurants in Barcelona to satisfy your oriental cravings.

Here are our 5 highly recommended Asian restaurants :

#1 Ramen-ya Hiro

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  • Ramen-ya Hiro que
  • Ramen-ya Hiro

Ramen-ya Hiro is not only an authentic ramen place in Barcelona but a bowl of its richly flavored ramen is so delectable that it has got a long queue of customers waiting to get into the restaurant, even before it opens. The miso-based ramen and gyoza dishes are popularly ordered. Due to its high demand and the relatively tiny shop space, beware that queuing for 30 to 60mins to get into the restaurant may be needed. So, plan your schedule accordingly.

Address: c/Girona 164
Barcelona 08037
Telephone: +34 930 02 84 41
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 13:30 – 15:30, 20:30 – 23:30

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#2 Koy Shunka

  • koy shunka food
  • koy shunka
  • koy shunkaa

Koy Shunka is a Japanese Michelin star fine dining restaurant. It has an open view kitchen, which gives you a great view of the chef preparing your sushi right in front of you. The ingredients used are of top quality. The dishes are carefully prepared with high standards. If you are looking to entertain your taste buds with Japanese delicacy and your pockets are feeling deep, this place is for you.

Address: c/Copons, 7  –  Barcelona 08002
Telephone: +34 934 12 79 39
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 13:30 – 15:00;  20:30 – 23:00 

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3# Sam Bu Ja

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  • sam bu j
  • sam bu ja

Sam Bu Ja is an authentic Korean restaurant owned by a lady of Korean ethnic from Nothern China. The restaurant serves traditional Korean dishes such as cold noodle, bibimbap, kimbap, BBQ, pancakes, etc. Its crunchy kimchi is a must-try. Here, you can get Korean alcohol and soft drinks to go along with your dishes. Prices are fairly reasonable.

Address: c/Consell de Cent, 418, Barcelona 08009
Telephone: +34  935 32 52 65
Opening hours: Tues-Sun 12:00-24:00

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4# Panda Bar

  • panda bar
  • 17352609_10212295338762795_534117335_n

Panda Bar is a bar-restaurant where you can get provincial Chinese home-style dishes. It is hard to find a restaurant that serves such savory Chinese dishes in Barcelona.  The restaurants are co-owned by two Chinese men who prepare and cook their hometown food themselves. The food served are not only for customers but also for owners to fulfill their daily meals. This may explain for the good quality ingredients of the dishes.  There are about four Chinese food items in the menu which vary day-to-day.

Address: c/Viladomat, 101, Barcelona 08015
Telephone: + 932 25 81 00 
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 8:00- 20:00


5# Lam Thai 

  • lam thaii
  • lam thai
  • lam thaai

Lam Thai is a Thai restaurant that specializes in Thai street food. The restaurant is small but cozy. The ingredients used are of good quality. Food street in Thailand can make curious diners to delve into hours of culinary exploration as they try the food on the go. Noodles are a popular street food item as they are mainly eaten as a single dish. If you are interested in trying out Thai street food dishes, this is the place. The prices are fairly reasonable. For some people, it is the best Thai restaurant in Barcelona. Give it a try to see if it is your best Thai place in town.

Address: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 518, 08004 Barcelona
Telephone: +34 932 52 79 90
Opening hours: Tues-Sat 13:00- 22:45

Source: TripAdvisor

Five of our most recommended oriental restaurants in Barcelona

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