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Best Paella in Barcelona

When visiting Spain most people are eager to try paella as it is often seen as the Spanish national dish. So you may be surprised to learn that it is actually traditionally a Valencian dish that has managed to integrate itself into most menus around Spain.  the Catalans have developed many delicious versions of the dish but also look to serve it in its traditional form so don’t worry, you don’t have to go to Valencia to taste this traditional dish. Barcelona does paella right!

the paella club
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# La Mar Salada

La Mar Salada is a seafood restaurant that assures their customers are served with the seafood that they purchase from the fish auction early morning. Their authenticity has won the Time Out magazine award for the best daily menu of all Barcelona by the gastronomic critics. You can choose whether to sit on the terrace or inside the area while you enjoy your balanced and appetizing courses. Though in this case, you should be trying their well-known seafood paella!

la mar salada Paella

Address: Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 58-59, 08003 Barcelona
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 1-4pm, 8-11pm (Tuesday closed), Saturday-Sunday 1-11pm

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# Can Sole

Known as the most emblematic restaurant in the city, Can Sole opened its door in 1903 to its customer serving the best seafood at the Barcelona Port. They are also well known for their seafood and paella dishes from recipes that have been passed on for generations. You can enjoy your seafood dishes in a sailor themed interior to give you the full seafood cuisine in Barcelona.

can sol paella

Address: Carrer de Sant Carles, 4, 08003 Barcelona
Opening Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 1-4pm, 8-11pm Friday-Saturday 1-4pm, 8:30-11pm, Sunday 1-4pm

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# Elche

This restaurant is a result of more than 50 years of family-run business that have shared the culinary culture of the family’s home in Elche. The restaurant has attracted celebrities, artists, and patrons when it opened its doors in 1959. This place has become a temple for paella lovers who have a slightly lower budget for their trip to Barcelona. If you decide to go to this place, be sure to try out their succulent lobster paella!

Elche paella

Address: Carrer de Vila I Vilà, 71, 08004 Barcelona
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 1pm-12am

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# MariscCo Paella Restaurant

Located in the heart of Barcelona, Placa de Reial, MariscCo is a paella restaurant that offers a high-ceiling and unique interior with a more cosmopolitan ambiance for your meal. Other than offering delicious paellas, they also have specialties like their crayfish and lobster risotto. Along with your meal, there is a wine cabinet that allows customers to choose a wide selection of wine to go along with your meal. As a personal favorite, be sure to try their black rice seafood paella!

MariscCo Paella

Address: Carrer de Còrsega, 272, 08008 Barcelona
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 1-5pm,7:30-12am

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# 7 Portes

This restaurant not only offers paella dishes but also dishes that are traditional and also modern to contribute the international cuisine. Serving from bomba rice to noodle based paella, the restaurants serve plated from a seafood to meat selection. The place also offers numerous cultural activities for their customers to celebrate festivals through the combination of food, culture, and art.

7 portes Paella

Address: Passeig d’Isabel II, 14, 08003 Barcelona
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 1pm-1am

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  1. I haven’t tried Paella in Spain yet, so it’s nice to hear some recommendations. I have to try it during my stay here.

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