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The Gay Community of Sitges

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, one of the definitions for the world “Gay” is: happy and excited; cheerful and lively. That’s how you can describe Sitges. Located 35km south of Barcelona, Sitges is probably the most popular gay destination in Spain. The gay community of Sitges meets the straight community and every sexual orientation blends in. Gay men and women from all over the world come to Sitges to enjoy their holidays without the pretentious looks of discrimination they get in other places.

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The gay attractiveness of Sitges starts back in the 80’s when the first gay club of Spain was opened. Now a day, the number of gay-friendly establishments has grown to several, and among hotels, bars and clubs, the gay community is warmly welcomed in Sitges. The most popular beach is the Playa de la Bassa Rodona. Although that is considered the gay beach, all beaches are tolerant and gay-friendly. There are two nudist beaches in Sitges: Playa de las Balmins and Playa del Muerto, the latter being exclusively gay. Along the seaside road, Passeig Maritim, many events are hosted. The most popular one being the Gay Pride Parade, which takes place every year. The parade is free for everyone to attend, and the after parties in the gay village are also free of charge.

Gay Pride Parade SitgesPhoto credit: Ybridex AngeloDemon cc

Another event that takes place on the streets of Sitges is the Carnival. During its week, it attracts over 250,000 people that dress up in costumes and wander its streets partying.  Besides Carnival, other religious holidays are also celebrated with a gay twist, such as Easter (40 days after Carnival) and Corpus Christi. Towards the end of summer, in September, another popular event that takes place is the Bears Week. In the gay culture, a Bear is a large, hairy man that shows an image of masculinity. The event attracts over 5,000 people on a period of two weeks.

There are no gay exclusive hotels in Sitges, so it would be interesting to rent an apartment with friends. The most popular location is nearby the gay beach, Playa de la Bassa Rodona. Other popular hangout locations also include the city’s two saunas: Parrots Sauna, located at the Parrots Sitges Hotel and Sauna Sitges at the Pension Espalter, and the Carrer del Pecat (“street of sin”), which is actually called Carrer 1er de Maig. That is where the Pacha’s official pub is located, the Pachito.

During high or low season, the fun is guaranteed all year round in Sitges. The perfect state of harmony and comfort from the local community is what attracts the gay population. Sitges is the perfect spot to enjoy the amazing weather Spain has to offer, along with the hottest events in the region.

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