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Art in Barcelona

Art in Barcelona

Antoni Gaudi is probably the most well-known artist from Barcelona with the many architectural gems he placed in and around Barcelona. Think of the Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo, Casa Mila or even the Palau Gaudi, a palace in the centre of Barcelona. Gaudi was mainly an architect, and while architecture isn’t usually seen as art, the way he designed these buildings is also a kind of art. Barcelona is a special city which inspires many artists, a few of which that aren’t that well known. We’d like to take a look at some typical Barcelona-art, including but not limited to painters. There’ll also be some galleries and cultural centres included in the article so you can go ahead and take a look at what art means in Barcelona. Many artists in the 1800’s and 1900’s left behind a lot of exceptional work and now it is available to the public to take a look.


Joan Miró

Another artist that is part of the history of Barcelona is Joan Miró. Miró is as artist known for his surrealism artworks in painting, ceramics, sculptures and drawings. In surrealism it is all about expressing the subconscious mind. Artist use special techniques in their paintings and always put a surprise element in their work. Miró was born in the late 1800’s and lived in Barri Gotic during his childhood. In the beginning of his career, his artwork wasn’t appreciated and often ridiculed so he moved to Paris to join other artists but he still continued to spend his summers in Catalonia. His work gained attention later on and Miró could often showcase his work in galleries. He now has his own foundation located in the Montjuic parc where you can go and take a look for yourself at what surrealism exactly means. They often have special exhibitions, so you’ll see different paintings if you want to go multiple times.

Alvaro Soler

You’ve probably heard his voice on the radio, but did you know that Alvaro Soler was born in Barcelona? He has a German-Spanish origin and has spent his live all over the world. He wanted to learn to play the piano early on and started his lessons when he had moved to Japan. He started his musical career in a band called Urban Lights which he was in for 4 years. They mainly played a mix of British pop, indie pop and electronic music and won a university music contest. Soler decided to go for his own solo career in 2014 and moved to Germany to pursue this.

His break-through came with the single he released in 2015 called El Mismo Sol, and it wasn’t a one time succes. In 2016 he released Sofia, and later on he also cooperated with other artists like Morat with whom he wrote the song Yo Contigo Tu Conmigo which was used in the movie Despicable Me 3. His most recent success was La Cintura, a single from his second album.



Nogueras Blanchard

Nogueras Blanchard is a gallery in Hospitalet that showcases a lot of emerging and young talent from Barcelona. The gallery thinks it is important that they attract emerging talents so that they get the opportunity to display their artwork. The kinds of artwork they exhibit vary from poetry to sculptures, from paintings to installations. In order to exhibit all these kinds of work, you need an innovative curator and so they often look for curators who go looking for new talent.

In the same building, you’ll also find Ana Mas Projects and in a way they resemble the Nogueras Blanchard gallery. They also want to give aspiring artists the means to develop themselves. For Ana Mas Projects, the focus lies on finding the style of each individual. These styles can vary over all the different kinds of artwork, so they offer the opportunity to showcase many kinds of art.


Antoni Tápies

In 1984, Tápies set up this building as a place dedicated to the study of contemporary art. The place itself is an early and typical example for Modernism as it combines exposed brick and iron. It has transformed into a foundation for the man himself since his death in 2012. The foundation serves as a cultural centre in Barcelona where exhibitions, symposiums, lectures and films are held.

Born in 1923, Antoni Tápies started his many artistic temptations in the recovery of an illness on his longs. In the 40’s, he had already managed to get his work in an exposition. But the way he expressed himself in his artwork changed a lot during the years. He started using technical procedures and iconographic elements in his work, and this set him apart from other artists. He is known as a diversified and productive artist around the globe. He got expositions in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London and many more locations all over the world.

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