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Winter Season in Barcelona Barcelona-Home

Winter Season in Barcelona

Things to do during the Winter season in Barcelona

We all know that classic winter January mood in Barcelona, where we just want to stay in, covered in blankets drinking hot chocolate. The early dark mornings before going to work, and when you’re leaving the office it is already cold again. The constant search for a café with heating lamps, because it is too cold to even consider sitting outside without the warm heat from the lamps. You know you have a wardrobe filled with beautiful and colorful dresses, but you can’t wear them because the weather is too wet and cold.

It is Friday, you are going out, you just finished your hair and make-up and realizing that you have to wear a beanie or a hat, because it is either raining or snowing. These are all classic examples on how slow-pased the winter season can be. In some countries it is almost like the society shuts down for a few months, people just want to stay in and watch movies – but in Barcelona, it is not like that at all!

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Barcelona is a city  with plenty of opportunities, also during the winter season. If you are from a country with minus degrees and snow in January and February, the winter season in Barcelona will be like an amazing spring for you, every day during these months! All the things you normally first start to think about doing in April or in May, are possible all year here.

Food and Dine

Let’s say it is a typical Monday evening; you just got home from work, you don’t know what to do because it is a Monday in January.  Even so, Barcelona has so much to offer, no matter who you are or what you like. For instance, many of the restaurants don’t close before midnight; the bars are always open, even on a Monday! A good place to eat or drink is Plaça Real, which is right at La Rambla. If you are in the mood for a trip to the beach, Barcelona’s always giving you the chance to do so.

# 1 Do a paella cooking course

Winter Season in Barcelona Barcelona-Home

If you want to warm yourself up with an inside activity and try yourself a new skill, why not go to a cooking course this winter season in Barcelona? There are a number of companies offering courses in English which typically include a tour of the market, a hands-on cooking class and of course the chance to sample your goods afterwards with a glass or two of local wine.

# 2 The traditional calçotada

With its origins in the city of Valls we find a food halfway between a leek and a chive; Calçot is the Catalans’ favorite allium and locals flock to the countryside every winter for the traditional calçotada ritual. This event is a great barbecue with dozens of calçots cooked over an open fire, and generous amounts of vermouth or red wine accompany the meal.

# 3 Chocolate museum workshop

Craving something sweet? The Barcelona Chocolate Museum is the city’s first museum exclusively dedicated to all things cacao. Moreover, the museum’s permanent exhibition explains how chocolate is made; as well as shedding light on Barcelona’s historic obsession with cocoa. They even give you the opportunity to book a workshop to learn how to make your own chocolate lollipops and treats!

  • Address: Carrer del Comerç, 36, 08003 Barcelona
  • Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 19:00; Sunday from 10:00 to 15:00

On the other hand, at the beach you will see that there are many extraordinary clubs, but during the daytime they serve food and drinks. You won’t be bored in Barcelona, because you can always go outside!

Sightseeing in the city

If you are more of a cultural type, Winter season in Barcelona is the place to be. Every building in this city has a a story to tell, you can almost hear them whispering to you.  The city is dynamic, inspiring and easy to explore! You will notice that there are a lot of green areas here, like Park Güell or the Parc de Montjüic which you can visit. Barcelona has tons of museums and exhibitions which are basically open all year round.

# 1 Go Skiing in Girona

One of the most popular places to go skiing in this Winter season near Barcelona is La Molina, Girona. Hope on a bus and within two hours you can be on the slopes at the La Molina ski resort; this is one of the closest to the Catalan capital. There are a number of coach services operating regular day trips to La Molina throughout the season. A day pass with transport costs starts from just € 40 and there are shops on site to rent all the equipment you need for a fun day on the powder.

Winter Season in Barcelona Barcelona-Home

There are 63 slopes ranging from beginner to advanced, spread across some 68 kilometers, as well as a snow park (including the biggest super-pipe in the Pyrenees). On the other hand you will find restaurants and cafés on hand for when you need a rest. Also, there are activities for non-skiers too, such as snowshoeing or Segways on snow; as well as nine official ski-schools for anyone looking to brush up on their skills.

  • Address: 2500 Edifici Telecabina, 17537 Alp, Catalonia, Girona
  • Opening hours: Weekends from 10:00 to 18:00

# 2 Ice-Skating around Barcelona

Winter Season in Barcelona Barcelona-Home

Even in movies, ice-skating sounds like the typical activity to do in Winter season right? It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or advanced in the sport, if you’re looking to scrape around in your own ice show in Barcelona, look no further. Barcelona has a lot of places open to ice-skating this winter season!

# 3 Santa Llucia Christmas market

One of the biggest Christmas market in Barcelona is the Fira de Santa Llucia; held on the square outside Barcelona’s impressive Gothic cathedral in the Old Town. Did you know that this fair is being held in Barcelona since 1786? In here you’ll be able to buy hand-made gifts and crafts including the famous caganer or ‘pooping man’ figurine, which is an essential part of the Catalan nativity scene.

  • Address: Plaça Nova, 40, 08002 Barcelona
  • Dates: around November 26th to December 23th
  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 20:30; Weekends and holidays from 10:00 to 21:30

# 4 Celebrate Santa Eulàlia

This is the celebration of the co-patron saint of Barcelona Santa Eulàlia. Legend had it that when the decision was made to make Saint Eulàlia share patronage of the city, she wept and cursed La Mercè by making it rain every year on her day (September 24th). In turn, the celebrations for Saint Eulàlia are held in the week leading up to February 12th; and even if they are not as spectacular as La Mercè, there are processions, traditional dances and plenty of merriment to go around!

Winter Season in Barcelona Barcelona-Home

Source: www.femturisme.cat

So if you are in the middle of your winter down, plan a trip to Barcelona! This city makes everything possible, even in the cold season. Let’s face it, winter season in Barcelona is like taking a deep Spring breath!

So there are plenty of things to do in Barcelona during the winter time. However, these are only some of the things you could do during your winter trip in Barcelona. There are many other things that you can do; but make sure that the activities mentioned above are definitely on your to do list! If you are planning a winter season trip to Barcelona, let us help you with you ACCOMMODATION!

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