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Winter in Barcelona

Winter in Barcelona

We all know that classic January mood, where we just want to stay in, covered in blankets drinking hot chocolate. The early dark mornings before going to work, and when you’re leaving the office it is already cold again. The constant search for a café with heating lamps, because it is too cold to even consider sitting outside without the warm heat from the lamps. You know you have a wardrobe filled with beautiful and colorful dresses, but you can’t wear them because the weather is too wet and cold.

It is Friday, you are going out, you just finished your hair and make-up and realizing that you have to wear a beanie or a hat, because it is either raining or snowing. These are all classic examples on how depressing the winter season can be.  In some countries it is almost like the society shuts down for a few months, people just want to stay in and watch movies – but in Barcelona, it is not like that at all!

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Barcelona is a city  with plenty of opportunities, also during the winter season. If you are from a country with minus degrees and snow in January and February, the winter in Barcelona will be like an amazing spring for you, every day during these months! All the things you normally first start to think about doing in April or in May, are possible all year here.

Let’s say it is a typical Monday evening, you just got home from work, you don’t know what to do because it is a Monday in January.  Barcelona has so much to offer, no matter who you are or what you like. Many of the restaurants don’t close before midnight; the bars are always open, even on a Monday! A good place to eat or drink is Plaça Real, which is right at La Rambla. If you are in the mood for a trip to the beach, Barcelona’s always giving you the chance to do so.

At the beach you will see that there are many extraordinary clubs, but during the daytime they serve food and drinks. You won’t be bored in Barcelona, because you can always go outside; enjoy the rays of sun, thus getting your vitamin D.

If you are more of a cultural type, Winter in Barcelona is the place to be. Every building in this city has a a story to tell, you can almost hear them whispering to you.  The city is dynamic, inspiring and easy to explore! You will notice that there are a lot of green areas here, like Park Güell or the Parc de Montjüic  which you can visit. Barcelona has tons of museums and exhibitions which are basically open all year round.

So if you are in the middle of your winter depression, plan a trip to Barcelona.
This city makes everything possible, even in the winter season.

Let’s face it, winter in Barcelona is like taking a deep Spring breath!



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