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Where to stay in Costa Dorada

Where to say in Costa Dorada

Costa Dorada is the coastal part of Catalonia, located in the province of Tarragona. It’s only a few minutes away from Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia. It is a very popular holiday destination not only for foreign tourists but also for domestic people, who often take the whole family to spend the sunny days on the beach. Apart from being a popular beach destination, there is much more, which is why it’s such a visited part of Catalonia. The architecture, history, cuisine, restaurants, HIKING, and adventure are big reasons, why you should choose COSTA DORADA for your next trip!

Costa Dorada - Barcelona-home

Never-ending coast of golden beaches

COSTA DORADA has a 90 km long coast with clear water and beaches with soft sand. The locals call it “the golden coast”. Thanks to this Costa Dorada is the perfect destination for the summer holidays for couples, groups of friends, and families as well. The coast is also has a lot of bays, coves, and cliffs. If you’re a fan of water sports, head for Punta de Áliga beach. It is certified by Sport Tourism Catalonia as the perfect place to practice water sports. Do not hesitate to rent scuba diving equipment or rent a boat for the sailing!

Costa Dorada - Barcelona-home

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Particularly popular among tourists is Miami Playa. A beautiful and peaceful place with over 12 km of clean beaches. It also has lots of sport and nightlife happening. Beaches such as Riviera, Estany, and Vienesos are more relaxing, with bars and restaurants lining them.

If you want to look for something calmer, not overcrowded with tourists, take a look at L´Ametlla del Mar. This municipality is characterised by small fishing villages alongside the coast. Fishing is still the main form of income in the town. Visit the Museum of pottery in Sant Jordi, Castel de Sant Jordi, or rent a boat for sailing. Don’t miss the traditional festivals that they have throughout the year. The streets are decorated with flowers and you can see some traditional dance and street music.

Perfect spots for family trips

Costa Dorada is the perfect place not only for adults but also for children. The parents appreciate clean beaches with soft, where their children can play safely. The government of Catalonia evaluates the beaches and awards the cleanest with the blue flag. Today, 86 beaches in Costa Dorada have been awarded the blue flag. They also give the Certificate of Family Tourism to the location most suitable for families, specialising in family tourism. The popular cities for family trips are SALOUCAMBRILS, and Calafell.

Costa Dorada - Barcelona-home

The most popular attraction for families in Salou is PORT AVENTURA. The amusement park is visited not only by tourists but also by local families from Barcelona. It is often compared to Disneyland Paris, but here the visitors can enjoy better weather. It offers lots of rides, regular shows, parades, and accommodation in themed hotels. An ideal spot to ensure an unforgettable experience for the youngest members of the family. We also recommend Ferrari Land and Aquopolis Water Park as perfect spots for families with children.

Cities rich in architecture

In the region of Costa Dorada, not only do the beaches play important role in tourism but also so do the cities. The most visited cities – Tarragona, Reus, Calafell, and Cambrils offer HISTORICAL PLACES and architecture rooted in the Roman imperium.

Tarragona is well known for its rich history, dating back to ancient times. Visitors will find a lot of Roman buildings across the city and can learn interesting facts at the National Archeological Museum of Tarragona. Even the Roman ruin of Tarraco has been listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Worth a visit is also Tarragona Cathedral dating back to the 12th century. The church of the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin or Romain amphitheatre with the remains of the church. The city is also known for its festivals like Santa Tecla Festival or Popular Retinue, where traditional “human towers” are performed. With a little effort, you will find also a monument that represents the “human tower” in Tarragona.

Costa Dorada - Barcelona-home

Reus is the birthplace of Gaudí, but you won’t find any masterpieces from this famous city. However, there are plenty of buildings rich in architecture from another famous architect – Lluis Doménech i Montaner. Follow the Modernist Route beginning in the market square, which will show you the best buildings in the city. Admire the modernist architecture of Casa Navas, Casa Rull, Casa Gasull or Institut Pere Mata. At the end of the route, you can visit Gaudí Centre to learn about the childhood and life of this famous architect. There is a chance to see the house and birthplace of Gaudí, in addition to the sculpture, gifted by the city of Reus, as an honor to the work of Gaudí.

Luxurious apartments with a sea view

Costa Dorada is also popular among visitors with high standards. The never-ending coast is not only synonymous with beautiful beaches, but also with luxurious apartments with private pools, spas, and fancy restaurants. For the purpose of a luxurious holiday, Salou is a perfect choice. The city has many sporting facilities, football fields, golf courses, billiard rooms, and gyms. Alongside the COAST, there are many restaurants with amazing sea views. They serve freshly prepared food, dishes from seafood, and high-quality traditional Catalan cuisine. There are plenty of luxurious hotels with apartments, infinity pools, and excellent service.

Holiday on a budget for backpackers

Costa Dorada - Barcelona-home

Spain is considered a cheaper country in comparison with northern countries. This is one of many reasons, why Spain is a very popular destination for students/backpackers. Costa Dorada is the perfect destination for young people travelling on a budget. Consider smaller and less touristic cities on your travelling like L´Ampolla or Cunit. Stay in one of the cozy hostels or hotels, where prices for a night start at 30€ for two. Visit local markets with fresh seafood, fruit, olive oil, try Spanish “jamón”, “fuet” or regional cheese. The food in restaurants is fresh and tasty and it is possible to find spots with a reasonable balance between the quality and the price, the menu will costs you less than 10 €. And the best bonus to your holiday in Costa Dorada – the best beaches in Catalonia, totally for free!

Active holiday for nature lovers

If you prefer an active holiday, Costa Dorada will fulfil this desire. Consider Delta del Ebro National Park with more than 7,000 hectares of wildlife, salt pans, beaches, marshes, lagoons, rivers, and wetlands. It is a home for several species of bird and plant species. While hiking, you will find a calm environment hidden from the rush of tourists. You can even take a bike along one of the cycling trails, visit protected beaches and the lagoon inhabited by flamingos.

Worth mention is definitely Serra de Montsant Natural Park. It is an ideal place for hiking, cycling and observing the interesting shaped countryside around. The highest peak is more than 1,100 meters high. It is the area of vine production, so you will find a lot of vineyards around. Enjoy the spectacular combination of massive stones, green areas, and the view of the coastline in a distance.

Practical information

To get to Costa Dorada, you can fly from almost any corner of Europe to Barcelona. In Spain, railway system Renfe or Rodalinies are very good and they connect bigger and smaller cities. In case there is not a railway connection, bus companies such as ALSA are great. ALSA is the biggest provider of Bus transportation with very frequent times to ride. The prices for transportation are moderate. Another option for moving between the cities is to RENT A CAR, which gives you more freedom on your trip.

There is plenty of ACCOMMODATION, from camping and hostels to apartments and luxurious hotels with high-quality service. The hotel owners also think about the families, as this region is a popular destination for families. They provide special services for the children, to make your trip more convenient.

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