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El Parc de l’Estació del Nord Barcelona-Home

El Parc de l’Estacio del Nord

Estacio del Nord is in the neighborhood of EIXAMPLE IN BARCELONA, and it is a small but precious park characterized by several shaded spaces. It is both simple and complex at the same time, an artistic jewel that combines orography with art to produce a place of extreme delicacy, where the decorative forms are a pleasure to behold.

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The park, very spacious and sunny, counts as a remarkable piece of terrestrial art; It is organized around a large blue ceramic sculpture in the middle of a giant lawn. A unique combination of art and nature in Barcelona due to the marriage between gardening, trees and ceramics.

About El Parc de l’Estacio del Nord

Making profitable the grounds released around the old station of railroads of North, closed in 1972, the architects Andreu Arriola, Carme Fiol and Enric Pericas designed a park of five hectares with sufficient space for the esplanades of grass and the wooded grounds. The North-American artist Beverly Pepper gave a decorative form and his personality to a green zone, finally inaugurated in 1988 and increased in 1999. Moreover, the old factory that is in the North Station was built in 1861; and it was the arrival point of the trains of the Lérida line. Completed its railway functions in 1872, at the moment in the enclosure it is; the park, the central bus station of Barcelona and the largest municipal sports center in the city.

El Parc de l’Estació del Nord Barcelona-Home
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The main entrance on Calle de los Almogàvars has two towering white ceramic walls, which delimit the grassy fields on both sides. Likewise, they constitute a watchtower to contemplate the whole space with perspective. Subsequently, small paths made of wood facilitate the ascent to the views of the park. The ceramics are repeated in the two sculptures that determine the organization of the park. Near the building of the old railway station, to which it owes its name, a large blue ceramic canvas is spread out on the lawn. It is the well-known Cel caigut. Further on, next to the bridge in Carrer de Sardenya, where this first part of the park ends (it is worth going up to see the sculptures), the Arbred Spiral sinks, completely full of lime trees.

Sightseeing in the park

Art of its sculptures and reverberators are born from the natural lines of the park and combine them there with naturalness. On a side, in the shade, steps in spiral make it possible to go down between the trees; other, on the grass extensions, of the protuberances which marry with the ground, represent a sky “fallen”, made small vitrified ceramics parts of blue sky color. Precisely, “fallen Sky” is the title of this sculptural whole of the artist Beverly Pepper; clearly inspired by the style of Antoni Gaudí.

The unit draws a surface with the diaphanous and clear lines, where the green of the grass slices with the blue of the mosaic; while proposing a full and active contemplation. The park is, moreover, one space of communication between buildings of Barcelona; like AUDITORI, the TNC and the Archives of the crown of Aragon.

El Parc de l’Estació del Nord Barcelona-Home

Source: www.barcelonacat.com

Practical information

  • Address: Carrer de Napols, Barcelona
  • How get there: Metro L1 (Stop: Arc de Triomf or Marina)
  • Price: Free
  • Opening hours: 10:00 until nightfall
  • Animals: Admitted


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