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Secret spots of Barcelona!

Secret spots of Barcelona!

The secrets of Barcelona on every street corner.

The secrets of Barcelona on every street corner.

Like most travels, when you go out to discover a city you will want to go off the beaten paths and uncover the secrets of your destination. Barcelona is a city full of mystique and of secrets to be uncovered.

Whether its a bar only locals know about or a sight few know to go see, at Barcelona-Home we have uncovered some of this cities hidden gems so you can make the most out of your trip!

A first must see is the Turo de la Rovira. Often overlooked it is one of Barcelona’s best look out points. It can be reached easily when visiting the near by Parc Guëll. It is perched up at 850 feet you can admire the city like never before with the possibility of seeing 15 miles up and down the coast when the visibility is good. Worth every minute of the hike up.

Next you can head to the Sagrada Familia. Yes not quiet a secret until you uncover the mystery of the magic squares. Magic squares have a long history, appearing all over the world, first uncovered in China before the birth of Christ. Here’s the “magic” of the squares: add up the vertical lines, the horizontal lines, and the diagonals to find that each line equals the same number. Try it out for yourself with the squares which can be found on the cathedral’s Passion Façade. The Sagrada Familia will only be minutes away by walk from one of our centrally located apartments.

Then there are your nighttime discoveries like the Pipa club. This quaint jazz club is unknown to many as it is hidden in an apartment in Plaça Reial. Ask any local and they will be able to point you to which doorbell to ring on one of the entrances located on one of the corner of the famous plaça. One you go up the stairs you will discover a huge flat turned bar, with windy corridors, huge cozy couches and depending on the night live music. Often open later than most bars this place is worth the detour!

Another nighttime discovery is called Mutis, the hidden cocktail bar of the Barmut. It is obligatory to call ahead of time to get your name as well as your parties on the list for the evening otherwise you will not be showed in. It has the reputation of serving some of the best cocktails in town with a world-renowned mixologist as bartender. Find the door next to the Barmut and you will be shown up to a sound proofed apartment. The decor will take you back to what feels to be a mix of 1920’s French cafe or New York speakeasy. A great night guaranteed!




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Hello there! I love to travel, and Barcelona is a great city to live, thats why I decided to write about it and share my experiences!

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