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Parc de les Aigües Barcelona-Home

Parc de les Aigües – a pleasant park for all

Parc de les Aigües is near the METRO STATION ALFONS X; and this park is ideal for spending a nice moment enjoying the vegetation with loved ones or even alone looking for a moment of tranquility. If you are looking for a more “human size” park, this one is really made for you. You can come with your family or alone and you will enjoy it! Moreover, whoever you are with, the park also offers the possibility to take a picnic enjoying of the nature, in the very center of the GUINARDO NEIGHBOURHOOD.

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History of the Parc de les Aigües

Moreover, this beautiful park first opened to the public in 1978; and subsequently originated from the gardens and plant nurseries belonging to the Companyia d’Aigües de Barcelona residence, built at the end of the 19th century. In addition, it was constructed over the roof of two large water tanks, along with the residence of the company’s chairman, who wanted a green space that combined the gardens with agriculture.

 Parc de les Aigües Barcelona-Home
In the same vein, the visitor can see how the ‘Rec Comtal’ goes outside from the Casa de la Mina, built in the time of King Carlos III. However, along this canalization there are terraces built with railway sleepers as benches and planters. But, the wells area defines a space where dunes and vegetation are found, with many quiet places.

What can you find in the Parc?

The variety of vegetation and greenery

Most importantly, the park’s location makes it a kind of mountainous island, a staggered structure with independent terraces separated by stone walls and paths. Each of these terraces has a different function.

Parc de les Aigües Barcelona-Home

On the other hand, it is precisely because of its special and unique origins that the park has a large variety of fruit trees; including orange (Citrus aurantium) and fig trees (Ficus carica). Moreover, these kinds of trees are exceptional for their age and the texture of their trunks. Other trees that stand out include the groups of cypresses (Cupressus sempervirens), Monterey cypresses (Cupressus macrocarpa) and yuccas (Yucca elephantipes); as well as sweet bays (Laurus nobilis) and one of Barcelona’s largest specimens of ombu tree (Phytolacca dioica).

Ideal spaces for families

Even if the park is not that big, it offers several areas to play. Indeed, a special space is DEDICATED TO CHILDREN  with swings, sand and other kinds of traditional games that a park could offer. All around that area, shoals are available for parents to have a seat and enjoy a comfortable moment watching to their children without any stress.

Parc de les Aigües Barcelona-Home

All types of children can find an activity in the park, and EVERY MEMBER OF THE FAMILY will find an occupation. Indeed, for older children, special tables to play table tennis are available just near the children area. Parents who seat nearby will have a look at all their children in the meantime as both areas are closed.

Places for enjoying the peace and quiet alone

If you are visiting the park alone and want to enjoy a relaxing moment, don’t worry; this park is also made for you! Indeed, the park is kind of divided into two well-separated areas. One of these areas consists only of vegetation and shoals to enjoy the nature and relax in a very calm space. In that area, people come to have a seat alone or with a friend while enjoying the very developed vegetation with many trees.

Parc de les Aigües Barcelona-Home

Source: www.lameva.barcelona.cat

Practical Information

  • Address: Ronda del Guinardó, 49, 08024 Barcelona
  • How to get there: Metro L4 (Stop: Alfons X)
  • Price: Free admision
  • Opening hours: 10:00 until 20:30
  • Animals: Admitted

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