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Movie theatres in Barcelona

Movie theatres in Barcelona

Either if you are living or vacationing in a multicultural city such as Barcelona and you don’t have any plans for the day, a cheap and easy way to enjoy yourself is by watching a movie. The good news is that there are many movie theatres all across Barcelona either protecting different cultural or just entertainment films, expositions, movies, concerts and more.

One of the advantages about some of the movie theatres in Barcelona is that you can easily find functions in either Spanish, English or any of the original language of the films. Keep in mind that almost every movie that is released in Spain is ‘dubbed’ meaning that they re-record all the voices in the movie with Spanish actors in the Spanish language. And here in Catalonia, they even do it in Catalan for some movies in selected theatres. If you want to watch the original version, make sure to check for the ‘VOSE‘ sign at the end of the movie title.

Another tip we have for you is to check the websites of the movie theatre you’re planning to go to. Some of the theatres offer special deals, like a Monday deal where the tickets are sold at half price! As this depends on each individual theatre and can change throughout the year, it’s best to check the website beforehand. Most of the cinemas follow the same working schedule, even after the pandemic restrictions, from 15:00 to 22:00 hr.

Movie theatres in Barcelona - Barcelona-Home


#1 Arenas de Barcelona Multilines

You’ve probably passed the Arenas de Barcelona when you first arrived to the city. Many tourists drive by it because it is located next to Plaza Espanya, the large roundabout that connects the most important routes into Barcelona. Las Arenas was first used for bullfighting but nowadays it is a commercial center open for shoppers. On the second highest floor of the building, there are 12 cinema halls all suited to play 3D movies. Also, easily accessible due to metro lines 1 & 3 located just across the street, and a bus stop right in front of it. Although the shops in Las Arenas aren’t open every day of the year, the movie theatre is.

Opening hours: 15 to 22 hrs

Address: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 385, 08015 Barcelona


#2 Glòries Multicines

Glòries is one of the most known and beautiful shopping centres in Barcelona. It has easy arrival with the tranvia and a diverse selection of international stores, restaurants and all around activities. You will find on the top floor of the building the 8 halls. Recently renovated movie theatres  all well equipped. Located on Avinguda Diagonal, the shopping district is easily accessible by the metro lines 1 & 2. After your visit you can take a look at one of the most unique monuments in Barcelona located close to the site Torre Glòries, this is the Torre Agbar. This commercial zone is open most days and it counts with free parking, but even if the shopping center isn’t available the movie theatre is until the latest hours of the evening. Schedules may change due to COVID restrictions.

Movie theatres in Barcelona - Barcelona-Home

Opening hours: 15 to 22 hrs

Address: Avinguda Diagonal, 208, 08018 Barcelona


#3 Caixa Forum

The Caixa Forum is one of the cultural centres managed by  la Caixa – located in Montjuïc. The building is located in the former Casaramona textile factory, one of the works of catalan industrial modernist architecture of Josep Puig i Cadafalch. It is a short walk from the Plaza d’Españya and easily accessible from metro lines 1 & 3. The schedule is very flexible and the ticket prices start from 6€. The Caixa Forum also has a number of educational activities and cafeterias to enjoy, with the option of taking a guided tour inside as well!

Movie theatres in Barcelona - Barcelona-Home

Opening hours: 10 to 20 hrs

Address: Av. de Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia , 6-8 .08038 Barcelona


#4 Balmes Multicines

Another one of the Grup Balana’s cinemas that offers movies with their V.O. audio is located in the Balmes area. This movie theatre stands alone as a cinematography complex instead of a shopping center. It is easily accesible by metro line 7 or the bus lines. The building counts with 12 halls all suited to play the 3D versions of the movies. It also has the only halls equipped with the original version of Dolby Atmos sound in all of Barcelona. With a unique decoration this movie theatre is definitely an experience in itself that comes highly recommended. The schedule varies within the movie functions of the day, going from all hours of the afternoon until midnight.

Opening hours: 15 to 22 hrs

Address: Carrer de Balmes, 422, 424, 08022 Barcelona


#5 Filmoteca de Catalunya

Filmoteca de Catalunya is a cultural institution of Catalunya dedicated to the preservation of the cinematographic material, located in El Raval. Even though the building only has two halls, it also contains the cinema library, expositions halls and a restaurant area. It is easily accessible by metro lines 3 & 2 or the bus lines. The schedule varies, but this theatre is mainly open in the evening. The price of the tickets may vary starting at 4€ for a standard ticket. There’s also the option to pick from different kinds of subscriptions tickets. You can also choose to experience a guided visit of the centre and absorb the cultural atmosphere!

Source: Programació 2021 i balanç 2020 Filmoteca de Catalunya


Opening hours: 16 to 22 hrs

Address: Plaça de Salvador Seguí, 1, 08001 Barcelona


Other movie theatres that you can find in the Barcelona area are:

-Aribau Multicines


-Palau Balaña Multincines

-Sala Montjuïc

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