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Movie theatres in Barcelona

Movie theatres in Barcelona

Movie theatres in Barcelona

It’s getting colder nowadays and while this changes nothing about the beauty of Barcelona, it may be a good idea to go inside and warm up a bit from time to time. One way to do this is to watch a movie, and good news, there are many movie theatres all across Barcelona. We’ve already written an article on which movies are being played at this moment, and now we’ll list where you can see these movies in English. One thing to keep in mind is that almost every movie that is released in Spain is ‘revoiced’ meaning that they re-record all the voices in the movie with Spanish actors in the Spanish language. And here in Catalonia, they even do it in Catalan for some movies in selected theatres. If you want to watch the original version, make sure to check for the ‘VOSE‘ sign at the end of the movie title.

Another tip we have for you is to check the websites of the movie theater you’re planning to go to. Some of the theaters offer special deals, like a Monday deal where the tickets are sold at half the price! As this depends on each individual theatre and can change throughout the year, it’s best to check the website beforehand.

Arenas de Barcelona Multicine

You’ve probably passed the Arenas de Barcelona when you first entered the city. Many tourists drive by it because it is located next to Placa Espanya, the large roundabout that connects the most important routes into Barcelona. Las Arenas were first used for bullfighting but nowadays it is a commercial center open for shoppers. On the second highest floor of the building, there are 12 cinema halls all suited to play 3D movies. Easily accessible as well because metro line 1 & 3 are just across the street, and a bus stop right in front of it. Although the shops in Las arenas aren’t open every day of the year, the movie theater is.

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