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How to choose the best Spanish classes for you in Barcelona?

How to choose the best Spanish classes for you in Barcelona?

How to choose the best Spanish classes for you in Barcelona?

Want to know what to visit during your stay in Spain? What about finding out where to learn Spanish in Barcelona? Looking for a good location and good value for money? The offer of available Spanish classes is very large and sometimes it can be overwhelming. If you are a little dizzy when choosing, this article will help you find your ideal Spanish class in Barcelona.

Different types of courses can suit your location and goals in a foreign language. It is highly recommended to know all of them to choose the best option when learning Spanish in Barcelona. Do you aim to improve business conversation or just enjoy diving into Spanish culture? Keep reading o find out your student profile and get all the information you need to make the best decision about your school.

Student #1: Are you a tourist looking for an immersive program?

Are you planning to visit Barcelona to learn Spanish for a few weeks and wants to learn the language intensively, while meeting people from different parts of the world? You probably describe yourself as a sociable person, someone who looks for fast results and takes the trip as a 100% immersion experience focused on learning the language.

Recommended Class: Intensive Courses of 20 or 30 hours per week:. They are held from Monday to Friday, with the choice between:
● 20 hours per week during the morning, or
● 30 hours spent in the morning and part of the afternoon.

This mode ensures fast and efficient language learning, and is the recommended course for an intensive immersion experience in Barcelona, as you are able to take classes every day and visit the city in the afternoon.

Student #2: Are you in love with Barcelona but you do not have a good level of Spanish yet?

You’re fascinated with Barcelona’s culture and you decided to move to the city to improve your language skills. Probably you already got a job, but by not mastering Spanish, this creates problems in your daily tasks.

Recommended Class: Extensive Spanish Course is taught from 7 hs. to 9 hs. and has a duration of 4 hours per week, divided into two-hour classes. It is perfect for bringing Spanish classes to your everyday life without interrupting your routine. Here you will have the opportunity to improve grammar and fluency at the same time you keep in touch with natives at work.

Student #3: You already studied Spanish and you need a customised learning experience

Customised classes provide the best tools for fast improvement but you may have to pay a little bit more for them. People who take a customised learning experience are usually more oriented to details about grammar, proper pronunciation and vocabulary. Do you consider yourself a perfectionist, attentive to detail and very particular? Then this type of individual learning probably suits you better.

Recommended Class: Private classes have flexible schedules that can be arranged and are ideal for those who want to make their learning experience super personalised, having 2 intensive hours of class with a one-on-one teacher.


Student #4: Do you already speak Spanish but you have never been certified?

This kind of student wants to take a specific program to prove their knowledge in Spanish. You may need to certify your Spanish level for work, to validate it in your university or simply because you believe it can help you in your professional career. It is likely that you already know more than one language and enjoy learning new languages.

Recommended Class: Preparation courses for international exams are the best deal in this profile. Students are prepped to take international exams in Spanish such as DELE and SIELE, performing mock exams and related activities.

Student #5: Are you a dynamic person that enjoys interactive classes?

Do you feel bored when you need to maintain the focus of attention steadily within the classroom? There are some types of classes that will keep you entertained while learning. You are probably curious and you are always looking for new activities and innovations. You most certainly love tourism and trying new experiences.

Recommended Class: Spanish class in the city is perfect for those who want to learn Spanish intensively inside and outside the classroom. You will choose a topic of interest and from that you will get a customised individual class outside the classroom, visiting places in Barcelona related to this theme.

If you are wondering where to find all these types of available courses and with a great feedback for students, then you should get in touch with Expanish school. This beautiful institute rewards students’ trust with knowledge and attention to detail in order to achieve a great experience while learning Spanish. Did you find your student profile? Then let’s get started!

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