La Fira

La Fira

La Fira is definitely one of the most bizarre and stylish nightclubs in the l´Eixample area. Included in Lonely Planet´s list of the best clubs and bars in Barcelona, it´s truly an exciting place that you should check out for a different nightlife experience. The name La Fira stands for The Fair, which emphasizes the celebratory nature and atmosphere of the place.

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A visit to La Fira will be different, as this is far from an ordinary bar. It is, instead, a bar-museum. The interior is based on strange decorations reminiscent of a circus. After entering the bar you pass through a corridor of giant funhouse mirrors. And this is just a preview of what you will find inside.

The club is characterized by its exciting antique decorations: statues and posters from carnivals and fairgrounds, fortune tellers, carousel seats and slot machines. Other attractions include a machine into which you put coins to hear hens squawking.

La Fira

The bar offers a wide array of shots. They claim to have over 500 varieties. Guests are mostly locals from Barcelona, and the music is mostly Latino rhythms or salsa to match their taste. This kind of music is easy to dance to and sing along with, even if you don‘t understand the words. Tourists are definitely  welcome, though the place is not a very well-known or heavily promoted. So, put your comfortable shoes on and be ready to move!

The room is not very large, but that´s what makes it such cozy and warm environment. If you are looking for something more trendy and extravagant, then you should consider some of the other Clubs in Barcelona. At La Fira you are more likely to experience pure Catalan culture and get a feel for how locals spend their time. La Fira is like a unique drop in the expansive ocean of Barcelona´s clubs and bars, one that you should definitely see and experience for yourself. To find the perfect accommodation near La Fira, check out our Apartments in Eixample club zone.

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