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Costa Brava Beaches

Costa Brava Beaches

Costa Brava is one of the most beautiful coasts in Europe. From long golden sandy beaches to small rocky coves, there is such a wide variety of beaches here. The crystal clear waters make going to the beach especially fun with the family. Just grab a pair of goggles and go hunting for the most beautiful fish you can find. Therefore, to make things a bit easier for you, we have complied a list of our favourite beaches in the Costa Brava. As the Costa Brava is so big, we have limited our list to beaches in Tossa de Mar.Let us know in the comments below which you like the best, and/or if there are any that you think we should add to our list!

# 1 Pola Cove

Pola Cove (or, in Spanish Cala Pola) is a very dynamic natural cove located 6 km north of the Tossa de Mar city center, next to a campsite with the same name. In fact, it is truly one of the most characteristic beaches of this coast. If you are in good health and are craving some exercise, you can reach the cove from the city center by walking along a small path along the sea. You can also go by car following the signs for Camping Pola. Currently the campsite is closed due to COVID-19. There is a parking there, but during the summer season it will for sure be very crowded!

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From the campsite, the cove is only a 350 meter walk. One of the biggest advantages of this beach is that even if you feel like it is an isolated cove, you will find many activities and facilities due to the proximity of the campsite. There are showers, a supermarket, a beach bar, etc… You also have the possibility to go on a boat excursion, which will allow you to see the other coves of Tossa de Mar. If you want to stay on land, you can enjoy the Sant Jaume viewpoint, of about 100 m. altitude. The Pola Cove is the departure and arrival point for the boat with underwater views, which will allow you to admire the wonderful seabed and marine wildlife living there. This cove is the perfect place for those who want to be out of touch from the world for just for a day!

# 2 Es Codolar Beach

This beach is only a few minutes walk from the city center and the old town of Tossa de Mar. It is located in a privileged enclave at the foot of the Vila Vella wall. Above all, the views of it from the walls of the Vila Vella are very memorable, as it is about 50 meters high! The beach is still the departure point for many fishermen; which is what makes it a very unique place indeed. To get there, you will have to cross Portal de Socors, which is a very lively street with many restaurants, shops, and bars. The street will lead you to this wonderful beach in just 10 minutes.

Costa Brava Beaches Barcelona-Home

For those who are feeling energetic and prefer not to stay on their towel all day long, the beach is also the departure point for the Camino de Ronda, which is a great walk featuring breathtaking views of the coast. Es Codolar beach is only 80 meters long, yet it is still very popular among both locals and tourists. The beach provides several facilities and activities; in the high season it has a good number of services, including a beach bar, sun loungers and kayak rentals. We recommend catching some fish to barbecue in the evening for an appetizer with your family and friends!

# 3 Futadera Cove

Futadera Cove (or in Spanish Cala Futadera) is a virgin cove located 6 km north of Tossa de Mar. This is a small and very quiet beach, only 100 meters long and without any services. To reach this beach you will have to climb up a natural staircase. However, as a warning: You have to be in great physical condition to choose this path! The cove is called the Cove of 300 stairs, and you can probably guess why! But it is worth it, mostly for the spectacular view from the top of the cliff. From this point you will enjoy the gorgeous contrast between the turquoise blue water, the green pines and the pinkish colour of the rocks. This cove makes you feel like you’re on the edge of the world.

Costa Brava Beaches Barcelona-Home

This a relatively unknown beach; so if you’re looking for a calm place to get away from the tourist crowd, it’s the perfect place to stay for a day. This beach is often occupied by the touristic and personal boats that dock in the quiet, natural environment. If you wish to enjoy the sunshine and natural beauty of this quaint gem on the Costa Brava we recommended visiting in the morning. Enjoy a nice picnic and leave at the end of the afternoon to avoid crowds!

# 4 Llorell Beach

Llorell beach, also called Santa Maria Llorell Beach, is the largest beach in the bay. It is 500 meters long, and is located 3.5 km south of Tossa de Mar. The beach is surrounded by a residential area that makes it quite difficult to access by car, but it is possible to walk down to the beach. Just head down from the entrance of one of Cala Llevador – the best rated campsites on the entire coast.

Costa Brava Beaches Barcelona-Home

Llorell features the largest variety of services, bars and activities, especially when it comes to water sports; including kayaking to other Costa Brava beaches in the bay. In addition, there’s also diving under the rock to admire all the wonderful marine wildlife. Llorell has two rocks in front of it, the Gran Muladera and the Petita Muladera. A sailboat loaded with oranges was wrecked in front of the first one years ago. It should come as no surprise that Llorell is the favorite beach for families who live around it!

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