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    All activities you can think of doing in the amazing city of Barcelona.

Things to do on Valentine’s day in Barcelona

valentine's day - barcelona-home

Celebrating Valentine’s day in Barcelona Traditionally, there are two cities globally known for romance in Europe: Paris and Venice. But certainly, Barcelona isn’t short of romantic places either. Valentine’s day in Barcelona is celebrated on the 14th of February. Indeed, ...

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Poble Espanyol

Poble Espanyol - Barcelona-home

Discover Poble Espanyol Where can you visit the whole of Spain in just one village? In the charming Poble Espanyol. Located in Montjuïc, this 49,000m2 open air museum provides an escape to a picturesque Spanish village without ever leaving the city. The village ...

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Ice Skating Rink of Plaza Catalunya


Christmas is a magical time and while it’s still more than a month away, the city of Barcelona is getting ready for it. The first signs of the holidays can be seen in Barcelona on 21st of November, when the ice ...

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Skating in Barcelona

Rollerskating along the beach

Barcelona may not be as well-known for its sport as its art or architecture but it may surprise you just how much sport is on offer here. If you want to try something different during your stay in Barcelona, then why not ...

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Golf in Barcelona

Golf in Barcelona

Golf in Barcelona is a great activity whilst staying in Barcelona and there are many options to choose from. The city has a great climate for playing golf for most of the year. The summers aren’t unbearably hot and the winters ...

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Park Labyrinth

Park Labyrinth Barcelona-Home

The Park Labyrinth is on the northern edge of the city in Horta-Guinardo, just outside of the tourist radius. This is considered to be the oldest park of Barcelona and is viewed to be Barcelona’s version of Granada’s Alhambra, a magnificent royal ...

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Las Golondrinas Barcelona

Las Golondrinas Barcelona - Barcelona Home

Las Golondrinas helps you experience the marine sights of Barcelona from a different perspective. This company means ‘the swallows’, and started its business in 1888. Moreover, it was the first company to show the port from the seaside perspective. Currently ...

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Camping in Barcelona

Camping in Barcelona Barcelona-Home

Camping provides a fun and cheap holiday with family or friends. Camping in Barcelona makes a great option due to its sunny and mild weather throughout the year. Families with young kids can enjoy a fantastic camping holiday as many ...

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IMAX Port Vell Barcelona

IMAX Port Vell Barcelona - Barcelona Home

IMAX Port Vell Barcelona This amazing 3D cinema is known as the IMAX Port Vell, located close to the center of the city. This enables films to be shown on a massive screen allowing the viewers to get completely engrossed with excitement ...

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The Barcelona Aquarium

Barcelona Aquarium - Barcelona-home

The Barcelona Aquarium Barcelona Aquarium is situated in Port Vell, a harbor in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. The aquarium is considered to be one of the largest aquariums in Europe consisting of an extravagant Mediterranean theme. This marine leisure time and education center brings visitors ...

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