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Camping in Barcelona

Camping provides a fun and cheap holiday with family or friends. Camping in Barcelona makes a great option due to its sunny and mild weather throughout the year. Families with young kids can enjoy a fantastic camping holiday as many campsites offer a huge array of facilities to keep the kids entertained for hours on end. When looking for the right campsite it can become overwhelming with the amount on offer, but this guide is designed to make it easier for you and point out the essentials when booking a campsite.

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There are many campsites on offer around Barcelona and the surrounding areas. The nearest two campsites to Barcelona are located along the coast. Camping Tres Estrellas is located south of Barcelona and Camping Masnou is situated north of the city. Associació de Campings offers a detailed list of the campsites in the region and gives information on the facilities available.

Points to consider

First, it is important to decide on where you want to stay, would you prefer along the coast or further inland in the countryside? Would you prefer to stay in a tent, caravan, bungalow or motor home? A caravan offers the added comforts of a kitchen and lounge, whereas a tent offers a cheaper alternative.


Once you’ve got a shortlist of campsites, find out how far they are from Barcelona and the transport links to the city. Depending on how often you would like to visit Barcelona, some campsites offer free shuttles to the city as well as to other nearby sights. If you want to explore Barcelona’s nightlife, it’s a good idea to check how late the transport links stop in the evenings and if the campsite has a curfew. Also how far are the transport links in relation to the campsite? You don’t want to be trekking all the way through a campsite late at night to get to your tent!

Facilities on campsites

When deciding on which campsite to book, it is also important to bear in mind the huge variety of facilities on offer which you will need during your stay:
– Parking
– Hot showers
– Laundry facilities – are linen and towels provided?
– Any baby changing facilities?
– Wi-Fi
– Pool
– Entertainment – perfect for families with young children to keep them out of mischief!
– Sports facilities
– Supermarket
– Are pets allowed?

Camping in Barcelona can be great fun for all the family but needs careful consideration before booking. Hopefully this guide will help you to think about all the essentials when booking the perfect campsite for your holiday in Barcelona. Alternatively if you would like to spend as much time as possible in Barcelona, renting an apartment may be a better option and can be cheaper than you think! Check out the Barcelona Home website for more information.

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