The connection between Madrid & La Pedrera

An investigation project revealed the origins of the paintings As a result of the investigation from the Fundacio Catalunya, the unpublished project on the La Pedrera solved the origins of many paintings inside and outside building. It happens that some of the paintings on the walls are the copies from the National Legacy collection. The latest […]

Josep Maria Jujol’s art in Barcelona

Barcelona’s most important architect overshadowed by Gaudí Known for mostly every iconic monument all around Barcelona, Gaudí is the first name that comes to your mouth when thinking about who made them. However, Gaudí did not work alone on most of those monuments and Josep Maria Jujol had an important part in each and every […]

New project for Barcelona

Barcelona’s city center is evolving! The idea’s first introduction was in 1987 by the director of environmental services of Barcelona, Salvador Rueda. He is now director of the Urban Ecology Agency of the city. It was a few years later, in 1993 that the first “Supermanzana” was born in the district of Ciutat Vella in order to […]

The business sector struggles in Barcelona

Barcelona’s shop owners struggle against street sellers Like every big city, Barcelona’s business sector is suffering from the under-representation of small businesses. Big corporations are pretty much the only ones safe from all that.  With millions of tourists every year, the city should have an impactful increase in its amount of small businesses and shops, […]

An update for Plaça Reial

One of Barcelona’s busiest and most visited areas is getting ready for an update Plaça Reial, one of the busiest and most visited areas in the city is preparing itself for an update. The area will receive improvements in regards to the streets, lighting, access and even street furniture and terraces. Barcelona’s government signed the […]