The business sector struggles in Barcelona

Barcelona’s shop owners struggle against street sellers Like every big city, Barcelona’s business sector is suffering from the under-representation of small businesses. Big corporations are pretty much the only ones safe from all that.  With millions of tourists every year, the city should have an impactful increase in its amount of small businesses and shops, […]

An update for Plaça Real

One of Barcelona’s busiest and most visited areas is getting ready for an update Plaça Real, one of the busiest and most-visited areas in the city is preparing itself for an update. The area will receive improvements in regards to the streets, lighting, access and even street furniture and terraces. Barcelona’s government signed the contract […]

Barcelona is fighting addictions

For the first time, technology addictions are also considered The 19th action plan for drugs in Barcelona fights illegal goods such as alcohol. However, for the first time addictions technologically wise are also considered in this plan. The plan is the guideline to reduce use of drugs in the city for the next four years. […]

The future of barbecues?!

Boneless grills is developing barbecues for the 21st century Boneless grills, a company established by three Catalan partners in 2013, is producing smart barbecues. Their idea started with a trip to the United States, where they tried barbecues with wood pallets. ‘’We were so satisfied with the meat we ate that we wanted to start […]

Family homes turned in high standing accommodations in the center of Eixample

What do the Future and the Increasing Rental Space Demand Have in Store for One of the Most Emblematic Neighborhoods in Barcelona Foreign investors interest is bringing alterations to the accommodation market in one of Barcelona’s most emblematic neighborhoods. Ever since the dawn of its existence, Eixample has been home to the Barcelona bourgeoisie.The neighborhood […]

Postcards from Barcelona without stress

Timeless streets, green islands in the middle of the asphalt, botanical jewels, historic gardens… Choose a neighborhood to wander aimlessly and let you be surprised by what you see! Places where time has stopped, neighborhoods without tourist accommodation, a town of single-family houses with courtyards and gardens, green islands surrounded by roads in which only […]

The rise of day-trips in Barcelona

The day-trips outside the city are growing due to the increased number of repeat visitors and to the overcrowding. But where can tourist go outside Barcelona? The one-day or half-day excursions are a consolidated product in the tourism sector. European capitals tend to offer them less because they already have a multitude of attractions, but […]

Tourism of Barcelona. They launch an observatory to manage it

Tourism of Barcelona is a hot topic. The city wants to manage it now. Metropolis office – its Diputació and Turisme departments – plan to share data with citizens. It has to help with their decision-making. The City Council, Diputació and the consortium Turisme de Barcelona have promoted the Observatorio del Turisme de Barcelona to generate quantitative […]

EatWith and VizEat, the two social eating platforms, merge together

U.S. Startup EatWith, the ‘Airbnb For Home-Cooked Meals’ was acquired from VizEat, the European ‘social eating platform’. EatWith is a U.S. startup founded in 2012 by Guy Michlin and Shemer Schwarzwants, and launched in the wave of the sharing economy started in 2007 with Airbnb which wanted to connect hosts and guest for a local and authentic […]