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La Diada

National Day of Catalonia

The National Day of Catalonia, also known as La Diada, takes place on 11th September and is a public holiday in the region of Catalonia.

Despite the fact that La Diada commemorates the date in 1714 when Catalonia was defeated by Castillian forces and became a part of what is now known as Spain, the day is dedicated to celebrating Catalan independence and autonomy. During La Diada this year, a 400km long human chain was formed in support of Catalan independence which was inspired by the Baltic Chain in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia in 1989. The day provokes plenty of emotion and passion for the Catalan region and it is great to experience this for yourself.

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Many events take place throughout La Diada when you can see readings of Catalan poems, music and traditional Catalan dance performances. You can see the vast majority of the events in the beautiful Parc de la Ciutadella near to the Arc de Triomf

Remember that as it is a public holiday you will find most shops closed, however, many cafes and restaurants remain open during this day.

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11th September every year


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