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Castelldefels is a municipality located in the surroundings of Barcelona. The beach town is famous for its 5km+ coastline and for being home to many famous personalities such as most of the FC Barcelona players. The city is named after the Castle situated 59 meters above sea level, which was built for an Iberian community and later used as a Roman village.  The town has always been known for its maritime port and was the target of several pirate attacks between 1500 and 1715. Due to the pirate attacks, many towers were built to ensure its defense, and nowadays you can find 12 towers throughout the city. Most of the towers are privately owned, and they are thus not open for public visitation. The infrastructure of Castelldefels has never been urban-influenced, until, with the rapid economic growth of Barcelona and the popularity of cars, the town became a popular HOLIDAY CITY  for the people of Barcelona.

Castelldefels is often seen as an extension of Barcelona. Home to the British School of Barcelona, 23% of its population is made up of foreigners, of which more than half are originally from European countries. Attractive for students is also Castelldefels School of Technology providing education in aeronautics and telecommunication technology. Most of the inhabitants of Castelldefels commute to Barcelona for work or social activities. The city is home to the Olympic Canal, originally built for the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, which is now opened to the public and a popular place for people to practice water sports. Other water sports can be practiced on the marina, Port Esportiu de la Ginesta, at the southern end of the city near the Natural Park of Garraf. The perfect possibility, how to spend a weekend is to go hiking or make a cycling trip in the near mountains.

Castelldefels beach

With the 300 days of sun in a year and more than 5-kilometres-long beach located only 20 kilometres from Barcelona, has Castelldefels became popular destination for tourist and domestic people from the capital of Catalunya as well. The sporting facilities, sport bars, game rooms, sunbeds and sunshades make it a perfect place to spend sunny summer day for groups and the whole families. This prove several certifications awarded to the beaches of Castelldefels for its tourism and environmental quality. Except the beaches, the city helds certification as the Family Tourist Destination from the Government of Catalunya. The city offers quality servicies to the whole families, entertainment programme, but also appropriate accommodation and dining possibilities.

The city fulfills all the sport needs as the certified Centre of Tourism Excellence. For sport-lovers are available sport facilities and specialized sport servicies for amateur, tourists, families and professional athletes. The city disposes of quality sport facilities and equipment, people can enjoy sports such canoeing, cable skiing, basketball, voleyball, football, tennis, swimming, cycling and many others.

Castelldefels beach

The cultural site of Castelldefels is also very rich and offers many possibilites. The most famous is Castelldefels castle dated back to the 16th century. In the past, the castel served as the defending place againts the Barbary pirates. Nowadays, guided tours and visit are able in the castle, as well as the visit of the gardens and surrounding of the castle. As the observation points served in the past 12 towers placed across the whole city. Try to find all of them or check the location of them on the website of Castelldefels tourism. You should not to skip The Church of Santa María in Romanesque Byzantine style, with the carving in wood on the roof and frescoes in the apses.

Castelldefels beach

We have a useful tip for businessmen, organizations, and companies, who want to organize events, meetings or presentations. Castelldefels is situated just 10 minutes from the main Barcelona airport and only 20 minutes from the Barcelona city center. 77 meeting rooms, 2 auditoriums, 1 theatre and 1 convention centre with the capacity more than 3000 people are available for the conferencies or business meetings. The modern equipment, technology and comfortable space will ensure the maximal standart for the people. Available are also unique locations such as the castle from the 10th century, rooms in Canal Olímpico or places with spectacular views on the sea.

Due in part to its proximity to BARCELONA, Castelldefels is a perfect destination for a day trip during your stay. It borders the region’s main airport, AEROPORT DE BARCELONA-EL PRAT, has two main TRAIN stations (Castelldefels and Castelldefels Playa), and it is easily accessible by car from the highway. Also, there are many buses from Barcelona to Castelldefels running daily. Throughout most of the year, the city enjoys an average temperature of 21 degrees Celsius, which is quite attractive for tourists. The city is also known for its urban yet calm atmosphere and for the fact that it is so easily connected to the capital of Catalunya.

Castelldefels beach

Castelldefels is blessed with a wonderful geographic location between the mountains and the sea, which also makes it a great spot for mountain climbing. Some of the main climbing spots are Penya Ginesta, Roca Negra, and Dona Morta. Another point of interest is the Iglesia de Santa Maria built in 1903.

How to get there:

  • Train: from Barcelona Sants train station, approximately 25 minutes
  • Bus: from Barcelona Rda. Universitat, approximately 45 minutes
  • Car: 25 km, approximately 30 minutes

So whether you are staying in BARCELONA or in SITGES, Castelldefels is definitely worth a visit and perfect for a day trip or a pit stop on the way further south. Do not forget to check more articles and tips in our blog and guide!

Photo credit: caminarbcn11-12p.blogspot.com.es, tripadvisor.es, castelldefelsturismo.com

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