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The Best Sushi Restaurants in Barcelona

The Best Sushi Restaurants in Barcelona

The Best Sushi Restaurants in Barcelona

Sushi has become a common concept in the recent years, and nowadays everyone seems to like it as well! Sushi originally comes from the southeast of Asia where it is known today as narezushi. Throughout the years different types of Sushi were developed, basically because they come from different countries in Asia. Sushi was introduced in the western part of the world back in the days around 1800-1900. Mostly because Asian immigrants got to the United States and Europe and introduced the dish to the local inhabitants.

In Barcelona there are many restaurants that are serving very good sushi. For just 15 euros you can have a whole meal that will make you enjoy the evening much more. We have created a list with the best sushi restaurants in Barcelona to make up your mind when thinking of visiting a sushi restaurant. So, to which one are you going?

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1. Ikibana Sushi Bar

Ikibana Sushi Bar is a restaurant that is quite new compared to the competitors, however it is already in the top of the sushi restaurants in Barcelona. The competition is high, because of the ever growing number of sushi restaurants. But still, Ikibana Sushi Bar is doing great! Dining in this restaurants is made to a real treat, because of the use of top-notch ingredients that are creatively and artfully prepared. Besides that are the prices very reasonable! The sushi served in this restaurant is based on a Brazilian and Japonese fusion which give the dishes a very unique look and taste. The company now has three locations you can choose from, so you can go whenever you like! Most people prefer the one in Born, because of the perfect pre and post-dinner wanders, and of course cava!

Adress: Avinguda del Paral-lel 148, Carrer del Dr.Fleming 11 and Passeig de Picasso 32 Barcelona


2. Shunka

Shunka is another very good sushi restaurant in Barcelona that can be found in the Gothic Quarter. It is a Japonese restaurants that is the ‘little sister’ of Koy Shunka, a ver big and upscale sushi restaurant down the street. But the tastes are just as amazing! Everything that is stated on the menu is prepared with excellent care, from the flavourful tofu till the sticky sushi rice. This restaurant is definitely worth trying when you are coming to the beautiful city of Barcelona. The company even opened another location, also in the Gothic Quarter, that is called Kak Koy and has become really popular amongst locals and tourist in a short time.

Adress: Carrer dels Sagristans 5, Barcelona


3. Wasabi

Only three words will be enough to describe this restaurant: spicy tuna roll. It is not just for nothing that both locals and tourist are willing to wait in line to get a table at this beautiful restaurant. The reason people are willing to wait for so long is the spicy tuna roll. This restaurant, originally Japanese, is the best in making the spicy tuna roll. It is located in the Gracia neighbourhood and is seen as one of the best sushi restaurants in Barcelona, so it is definitely worth trying when you are coming to Barcelona!

Adress: Torrent de l’Olla 8, Barcelona

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4. Doble ZerOO

This sushi restaurant is a more modern and unique one. It is the perfect place to enjoy a nice sushi dinner after a long day of exploring the city of Barcelona. On the outside the restaurant might appear to be just like all the others, however this is totally not the case. Doble ZerOO stands out from the crowd because of its great variety and creativity in dishes using typical local products. They are a local business that gives it all to the business and are making all of their dishes right after the order. If you do not want to stay for dinner, you can also grab a takeaway and eat your sushi somewhere you would like. The gyozas de pollo is definitely worth trying since it is absolutely delicious!

Adress: Carrer de Jaume Giralt 53, Barcelona

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5. Shibui Restaurant

Eixample is definitely seen as one of the most exciting places to eat when visiting Barcelona. Some of the best sushi restaurants can be found in this area, and one of them is the Shibui Restaurant. It is an upmarket, but also very trendy sushi restaurant and ramen bar in the neighbourhood of Eixample. It is also one of the few places in which you can dine in a true authentic Japanese way, without fusions and without pretense. The chef is a very passionate one that loves to create high class Japanese dishes, which is exactly what he does!

Adress: Comte Urgell 272, Barcelona

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So, Barcelona has plenty of sushi restaurants that you can visit during your stay in Barcelona. For all the sushi lovers there is plenty of restaurant that are worth trying!

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