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Halloween in Barcelona (1)

How to Celebrate Halloween in Barcelona

So you’ve found yourself in Barcelona this Halloween, well let’s start with what you should know. Halloween is celebrated differently in ...

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Let´s play (1)

Your guide to play football in Barcelona

Barcelona loves football There’s no secret that Barcelona is famous for presenting world-class football, by being the hometown for one of ...

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Emergency info and services for expats in Barcelona

When you are traveling or living in another country you never know what is going to happen. Even if you ...

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Eating & Drinking

best burger bcn..

Best Burger places in Barcelona

While Barcelona has plenty of tapas restaurants, pincho bars and markets full of fresh and colorful produce to prepare at ...

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Make your own cava in Barcelona

Only 50 minutes away from Barcelona you will find the first cava cellar in Spain where visitors can participate in the process of making cava. This experience was started in 2004 by two young entrepreneurs both from families within the tradition of wine making.

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food-salad-restaurant-person (1)

Cheap places to eat in Barcelona for less than 10 €

In Barcelona, you will find a wide selection of bars and restaurants with any kind of food from all around ...

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Girls trip to barcelona

Girls trip to Barcelona

Planning a trip to Barcelona with the girls? There are so many options and things to see in Barcelona! If ...

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Get relaxed in Barcelona

Barcelona is a busy city and the volume of people, activities and options can wear you down. Fear not! Barcelona ...

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Fun and Unique things to do in Barcelona itinerary

Fun and Unique things to do in Barcelona

Are you going to the amazing city Barcelona, known for its architecture of Antoni Gaudi, splendid beaches and parks, fine ...

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