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Exploring Education in Barcelona – Key Facts to Know

Things to Know About Education in Barcelona

Spain attracts not only tourists but also students from all over the world. It is beautiful, warm, and interesting here, and you can also get quality education in demand.  Barcelona is called the pearl of Spain and for good reason. In this city, there are several of the best Spanish universities, included in the world top, as well as universities that offer unique specialization. Both are open to students from abroad – both yesterday’s schoolchildren and experienced professionals. Higher education in Barcelona is characterized by high performance in various fields, from IT and business to tourism and art. This article, prepared by the authors of https://essaysadvisor.com, will tell you about the education system in Barcelona and its features.

Features of Education in Spain

Education in Spain includes four levels: preschool (Educación Infantil), primary (Educación Primaria), secondary (Educación Secundaria Obligatoria), and higher (Educación superior). Between the third and fourth stages, there is an intermediate one – Bachillerato. It is not obligatory for those who do not plan to enter the university, but want to go straight to work or get specialized secondary education. Future university students must complete the Bachillerato within two years. This is a stage of advanced training in specialized subjects, after which graduates receive a certificate required for admission to a university.

Barcelona for students

Barcelona is a city of art and a true open-air museum that energizes even the dullest or most sophisticated tourist. It is the second most populous city in Spain with 1.6 million inhabitants and the largest industrial center, but also an important tourist destination. On one side there is the sea, on the other – the mountains, and in the very air – a mixture of ancient history.

Years of studying in Barcelona will be unforgettable – and not only because of the sun, beaches, and a huge number of sights and youth entertainment. Barcelona is very cosmopolitan and free-spirited. It is easy to make friendships and business connections, and it has a favorable climate for entrepreneurship. And the main value is the opportunities offered by local universities.

Higher education in Barcelona

Enseñanza Universitaria, or higher education in Spain, comprises three levels, giving the following qualifications:

  1. Grado (for those who have completed a bachelor’s degree, the average length of which is three to four years).
  2. Máster (graduate of a master’s degree, a one- or two-year highly specialized course).
  3. Doctorado (doctoral degree awarded after a doctoral dissertation; the program lasts three to six years).

To enter the bachelor’s program, you must submit Selectividad results. In addition to school, it can be taken at university preparatory courses or remotely through the UNED (Universidad Nacional de Education a Distancia) system. The exam includes general questions and tests on specialized subjects, and the average grade of the certificate is added to the grade. Accordingly, the main document for admission to the master’s program is a bachelor’s diploma, for doctoral studies – a master’s diploma.

The best universities in Barcelona

The universities of Barcelona are known for their excellence in engineering, natural sciences, arts and humanities, social sciences, and management. Those who are interested in studying in Barcelona usually consider Universitat de Barcelona. But, in addition to it, there are many other universities where you can get an education in all areas. The most popular of them are.

  • Autonomous University of Barcelona
  • Pompeu Fabra University
  • Polytechnic University of Catalonia
  • Ramon Llull University
  • Graduate School of Economics of Barcelona
  • Abat Oliba University
  • Open University of Catalonia
  • European Institute of Design
  • ESADE Business School

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Vacations in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the favorite options for foreign schoolchildren for vacation and language study abroad. Language camps in Spain are waiting for children from April to November. You can go to them together with your parents to arrange a family vacation or on your own. Children will live in a school residence or with a host family. In addition to language classes, they will explore the city, attend workshops, play sports (soccer camps are especially popular in Barcelona), or do creative activities. In addition to busy vacations, such a trip will be a kind of preparation for those who plan to receive secondary or higher education in Barcelona.

Language programs in Barcelona for adults

Spanish courses in Barcelona are also chosen by adults – professionals who need the language for work or business development, people who are thinking about emigration, etc. The main advantage of such training is maximum immersion in the environment, progressive methods that allow you to master the language faster, constant communication with native speakers, as well as the opportunity to get acquainted with colleagues and like-minded people from other countries. 


The programs involve people from all over the world, with whom you will communicate in Spanish. This also stimulates progress in the language. In addition, even intensive language courses in Barcelona include not only classes but also entertainment – learning about the culture and traditions of Catalonia, its rich heritage and modern attractions, cuisine, and nature.


Language courses in Barcelona can vary in duration and intensity – from a week to a year, from six hours a day to two. The programs are also varied in terms of purpose. Some choose DELE exam preparation courses to prepare for higher education in Barcelona; some choose business Spanish or Spanish for a specific profession; and others study Spanish culture and literature.

Cost of studying in Barcelona

The cost of a bachelor’s degree at a public Spanish university starts at 2000 euros per year; at a private university – from 20 thousand euros. Master’s programs in public universities cost about 2000 euros per year, and in private ones – about 8000 euros. A year in a private high school costs on average from 6000 to 25000 euros.


The good news is that there are scholarships and all sorts of grants available for university students in Barcelona. In addition, while studying in Barcelona, you are allowed to work part-time for four hours a day. This is an amazing opportunity to earn a living and gain valuable experience while at university. If you’re looking for additional help, you can also hire a professional nursing essay writer who can help you write an excellent and well-researched paper.


The cost of vacation programs varies depending on the duration, intensity, and other features. Two weeks in a regular language camp cost 1000-1500 euros, in a sports camp – 1500-2000 euros.


The price of language courses for adults also varies. A week of intensive classes (30-40 hours) costs 300-500 euros, and DELE preparation courses – 200-400 euros for two weeks depending on the load (20-30 hours). A year-long course with 9 hours of classes per week costs just over 2000 euros. 

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