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Unusual Barcelona: top 5 places that will definitely surprise you

by Daniel Brunson

Tourist attractions, Gaudi, sandy beaches, blooming parksall these are mandatory and unforgettable points of any sightseeing route in Barcelona. Still, it is always the same so it can get boring. If you want to spend a truly unforgettable vacation in Barcelona and visit unusual events in addition to the classic tourist routes, then read this article.

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Of course, you know what you need to do to prepare for the most amazing journey, but we remind you once again about the need to book apartments in advance and take care of renting a car, especially if you are traveling in the high season. Of course, rental services are now very common and available in any country, be it Spain, or for example the UAE. However, by doing this in advance, you will be able to choose what you like and choose the car rent price in Dubai or the cost of hiring a vehicle in Barcelona that you can afford.
So lets start! What do you need to proceed with to have the most unforgettable trip ever?

1. Take a swimIn wine!

Both Spaniards and Catalans adore wine. Therefore, recently there has been a tendency toward Wine Therapy. Although it may sound like an excuse for an alcoholic to drink wine once again, in Barcelona it is something completely different, namelyAqua Urban SpaThe wine relaxation session at this Spa includes a full body wrap with grape seeds, bathing in a bathtub filled with wine, a shower, and then applying wine serum to the face. Try it even if you just came for a weekend! Undoubtedly, it is helpful for the skin. Be healthy!

2. Let yourself try a sweet life

As well as wine, there is a passion for chocolate in the Spanish heritage. This becomes obvious after visiting the whole museum devoted to this sweetness.

In this museum, you can taste various types of chocolate as well as wine, for sure, and discover a lot about its history.


The entrance is a chocolate ticket and you can buy chocolate in its various forms. Unusual chocolate statues, and a little info about the history of chocolate in Spain and Latin America, but that is it—an ideal place for chocolateaddicted people.
And visit a spa center, where you may be drenched in hot chocolate and have a relaxing massage, here you will face an individual approach. Remember, chocolate is rich in antioxidants that are great for the skin!

3. Learn all about the most important delicacy

The Hamon Museum should have been opened in the Catalan capital a long time ago. In case you like Jamon Iberico and you have always been interested in learning about the cooking of this process typical Spanish dish, we advise you to look at Rambla 8894 | Liceu Metro (L3green line) and visit this location.


Here you will get the opportunity to have an audiovisual tour, or a private one, during which you will find out all the details of cooking jamón and tasting 6 types of Iberico jamóns, sliced by an expert, and served with drinks to your tasteAlso, there is a large store to buy all kinds of this Pyrenean delicacy.

4. Antikaraoke!

If you are interested in how to spend the evening visit the Apolo Club on Thursday from 22:00. Visitors can participate in a party that can be called infernal, the extent of the madness of which can be compared to a night in a shelter. With artists and comedians dressed in bright costumes (and sometimes in their absence) and more than 500 songs, it is a kind of concert or even a musical, attracting viewers to participate in a crazy party.

6. Foodwith the eyes closed. Dinner at the restaurantbeing blind!

Two special opportunities for cooking blindfolded exist that you can try here. One culinary school decided to abandon the ordinary master classes. Espai Boisa holds culinary workshops with closed eyes, during which you need to trust a qualified specialist and your friend, who will always keep their hands on the apron. This is an ideal place for friends or companies who want to conduct group training.

If you prefer food prepared by someone else’s hands, then you will need to attend the restaurant Dans Le Noir, in which you are free to do whatever you want, except to see the food on your plate. You will only taste this food using your senses of smell and taste. This is a unique opportunity to focus on your taste buds.


Of course, any travel is a great experience and a source of the most amazing emotions itself, but why not make it a little bit less usual? Use our recommendations and get ready for the most exciting journey!


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