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Breaking News: History Making Real Estate Projects in the UAE

Description: Breaking News: History Making Real Estate Projects in the UAE. Become a
part of the record breakers or be close to the Record breakers. Five (5) Projects in the UAE
capable of breaking world records. Strategy and re-strategizing.

Breaking News: History Making Real Estate Projects in the UAE

It is not just enough to buy flats in completed Residential complexes in UAE ; did you buy in
the renowned, reputable or history-making complexes, or are you buying from
inconsequential real estate properties that no one cares about. According to Emirates.Estate ,
there are two major ways to benefit from the fatness of the real estate properties when it
comes to rolling with the record breakers:

Become a part of the record breakers

The first way experts recommend for being in the spotlight of the record-breaking properties
is to become a part of the record breaking by investing in those properties. The twist with
record-breaking real estate in the UAE is that, it seems impossible, and overly expensive until
the project is completed and the price becomes even more insane and its value skyrocket.
There are investors who hunt these once in a life time projects and buy units in them which
are then often traded or rented in the prime periods of the property. One thing is certain,
during the prime of the property, you will make back your capital and significant interest,
especially where you invested off-plan. Therefore, as the list of record-breaking properties
will be listed below, begin to brainstorm on which you can/ will invest in and start to make
enquiries in that line.

Be close to the record breakers

There is a common saying that if you cannot beat them, join them. In this case, if you cannot
get a property in the record-breaking facility (maybe due to finances or where they are sold
out, or where it is a government project not offered to the general public); the next strategic
thing to do is to buy properties and units around the record breaker. There are many property
owners in Downtown Dubai who do not have units in the Burj Khalifa, but are benefiting
from it by merely having units around. Firstly, people who tour such record-breaking
locations will lodge somewhere. Some may not be able to afford those high-rise buildings
and they will look for nearby locations and that is where yours will come in.

Five (5) Projects in the UAE capable of breaking world records

Check the list below:

The Omniyat Properties

The Omniyat Properties, Dubai boasts of having the largest penthouse in the world. This
magnificent property is sprawled on a landmass of about 50 thousand square feet! The project
is a part of a group of units being developed under the alias Orla, and it is located in Palm
Jumeirah. The Omniyat itself will be valued up millions of AED, but if you cannot afford it,
you can into other units of the Orla.

The DIFC Work-Live-Play Residential Towers

Prior to now, properties used to have single designations in many parts of the UAE. For
example, some are tagged either residential, or commercial, or recreational, etc. The Dubai
International Financial center however, is proposing and constructing work-live- and play
Towers which offer a three in one opportunity. The proposed DIFC towers have really gained
grounds and is highly anticipated making it a great investment option.

The Aldar Ras Al Khaimah Community

This is a combination high quality beach resorts and properties. It is the most anticipated
beach community for the year 2023 and it is experiencing massive deployment of resources
in the UAE. The project is highly spoken about and many of the units are already selling out.
It may gain the reputation of the most reputable new beach community outside of Dubai.

The Burj Binghatti

There is a current big project in Dubai which hopes to un-sit the Burj Khalifa, or at least
compete favorable with it. It is the proposed tallest residential building in the world, the Burj
Binghatti. It is proposed to have 112 floors.

LuxHabitat in the Dubai Canal

With about 2 million AED you can get a beautiful apartment in the LuxHabitat, Dubai Canal.
This project was recently completed in the last quarter of 2022. It is now earmarked one of
the top residential buildings to live in Dubai.
Dubai is one of the top best areas regarding development of real estate that is why most of the
towers are situated there.

Strategy and re-strategizing

Now that you know where the crowd will be flocking around in the next decade (at least), it
is time to draw your strategy in deciding whether you will buy a part of them, or buy a
property around it. You should consider those because investments in such locations are a
natural amplify; these projects will market themselves better than any other location.

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