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Tapas in Sitges

Tapas is the name of different small Spanish appetizers that you can enjoy before a big meal, or simply serve for dinner. Mediterranean countries like Spain have for tradition to serve a selection of many small dishes at once. Tapas dishes are often eaten as a light snack with beer / wine / sherry or as a starter / independent light meal enjoyed comfortably while the food is prepared. In Spain and Sitges, many might prefer to enjoy it with a glass of sangria or cava.

The dishes consist of several sorts of food, such as:
garlic tomato, baguette, olives, chilies, ham, sausages and bruchetta just to mention a few.

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In Sitges you will find many restaurants serving this delicious local food, as it is a part of the culture. The serving of tapas is designed to encourage conversation, because people are not so focused upon eating an entire meal that is set before them. Here is a list of tapas restaurants in Sitges worth trying:

El Pou

This is a new tapas restaurant which is situated in the center of Sitges (St. Paul Street, No. 5) Their philosophy is to serve spanish cuisine to people with a clear commitment to quality andservice, and at affordable prices. Here, you will find traditional tapas, original tapas, innovative salads, seasonal, wagyu beef, sausages Organyā and typical Catalan « Coca » bread. All of this is backed and served by the cook Chef Oscar Masso with has a long culinary history and experiences.

The Cable

This is a tapas bar in Sitges. From the customers’ opinions, this is the best tapas bar of the area. Some of their tapas have reached a mythical level: patatas bravas, calamari or ham croquettes, for example. The Andreu family opened the first Cable in 1940, situated at Angel Vidal. In February 1956 the Cable was moved to its current emplacement on the corner of Calle Barcelona. This place is not just a bar, it is a local bar, and the meeting point of many people in Sitges who wish to enjoy a great meal in a cozy setting.

El Trull

In one corner, almost hidden, you will find this beautiful coastal town; Sitges. At El Trull you will experience a local, rustic and cozy atmosphere, in which you can taste specialties of the Spanish, international and traditional cuisine such as cheese salad goat or exquisite chocolate mousse, which is really the perfect icing on the cake of their delicious menu.

El Trull is situated near to the beach, in streets animated day and night, in addition to many other reasons which make this place is worth a visit!

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