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Reus – Hidden Gem in Costa Dorada

Reus – Hidden Gem in Costa Dorada

We are sure, that BARCELONA city has so many POSSIBILITIES where to spend your time during the holiday, that you need at least one week to see all “the must”. Gaudí´s architecture, cathedral, churches, tapas bars, nightlife, walking through small streets and swimming in the nearest sea – the list is long. But if you are in Barcelona for a longer period of time or you just want to see the surrounding, we have some tips for you.

Only one hour and a half away from Barcelona is a hidden really beautiful gem of Costa Dorada – the city called Reus. It is one of the biggest capitals in Tarragona province.

Visitors can enjoy the magical architecture, cozy small coffeehouses, or warm sea within 10 kilometers of distance. As Barcelona is the home of the best Gaudi architecture, Reus is the home of spectacular Doménech i Montaner masterpieces.

Gain inspiration from our guide of the most worthwhile places to visit on your stay in Reus!


Modernism Route through the work of Luis Doménech i Montaner

As it was said, Reus is a city where the biggest architectural impact by Luis Doménech i Montaner is seen. The result of his artwork is several buildings made by him, which are the pride of the city until now. Making a walk through the modernism route to see the architecture of one of the biggest Spanish architects and influencers is “the must”. Reserve enough time to see almost 30 buildings that are selected for this route. The best, start on “Ruta del Modernisme” and watch for the signs, that direct you to all the historical landmarks across the whole city.

You should definitely not skip Casa Navas – a more than 100 years old building with an interesting history. The house was ordered by Joaquim Navas Padro and during its existence survived difficult times during the Spanish Civil War. The conclusion of the bombing was ruined left tower, which has never been rebuilt again. History could be seen also inside the house, where authentic furniture, the mosaic, and the lights are still set. Do not forget to visit a fabric shop on the ground floor, we recommend it!

Continue on Carrer the Sant Joan and take a note on another building – Casa Rull. A combination of brown brick, stoned lining, and carved decorations on the front wall and balcony will attract you immediately. The house now serves as a headquarter of the Institue of the Cultural Actions for Reus or for cultural events occasionally.

In a very short distance, literally on the same street, Casa Gasull is located. It was built in 1920 and took only 2 years to finish the construction. Although it is not possible to look over the interior, enjoy the view of the modernist architecture from the outer side of the house.


casa navas















Institut Pere Mata is a psychiatric hospital and very closely related to Hospital Sant Pau in Barcelona. Both were designed by Luis Doménech i Montaner. The evidence could be seen in similar architecture. Despite the fact, that the building is more than 100 years old, it is still used as a psychiatric clinic except for one pavilion, which could be visited by tourists. The interesting fact is, that the hospital was built for rich patients. The interior and equipment say it itself. Visitors can take pleasure from the mosaic, painted walls, the lightning and ceiling in the whole pavilion, and splendid furniture, all authentic. Information about the opening hours and prices for tickets can be found on the website of Reus tourism.

Get to know the life of Gaudí through The Gaudí Route

Reus is also the birthplace of Antoni Gaudí. A famous architect and influencer of modern architecture in Spain. His artwork is the most visited in Barcelona. It is also a city, where he spent his childhood. He lived here for 16 years until he moved to Barcelona. Reus paid a tribute to this artist in form of building a GAUDÍ CENTER, located in the city center on Placa Mercadal. All generations can learn something more about Gaudi’s work, inspiration, style, and secrets of his architecture. Another interesting point is the birthplace of Gaudí. The house is also located in the city center, on Calle San Vicente 4, but it is not possible to visit it, as it is on private property. However, you can join the outer view of the house by visiting the sculpture nearby. The name of the sculpture – Child Gaudí – represents the childhood of this famous architect and is also a tribute from the city Reus for his amazing work. The Church of st. Peter closes the list of the most important places to visit on a route dedicated to Gaudí. In this church, he was baptized on 26 June 1852, just one day after his birth.

Sant Pere











Visit the Museum of Reus

Located in the city center and offers huge exhibitions and collection of social and human´s life evidence and environment. You have also the possibility to visit the Museum of Image Center Mas Inglesias with various exhibitions from this area. The collections located in three museums across Reus tell the story about the history of a city and are very important in the Catalunya region. Archaeology, art, history, photography, cinema – this and much more you can visit in the Museum of Reus get to know more about the history of southern Europe, Spain and Catalonia, of course.

sculpture gaudi

Do not miss the unique atmosphere of the local festivals

The visit of Reus during the summer is the right time to be a part of the traditional Sant Pere festival held on June 29. Reserve enough time and ensure the best place on Placa del Mercadal. People in the masks (tradition says about 29 little masks) meet in front of the city hall and create a “square shape” line, where more masks participate. The festival is opened with the “Pregó”, which means traditional speech, continues with the mask parade and creating the “humans tower” and ends up with an amazing firework. Together with Mare de Déu de la Misericórdia held on September 25 are the festivals best way how to get to know the local culture and customs.

Reus Sant Pere

Treat yourself to traditional food

In general, the Catalonian region is very popular also because of its tasty dishes made of fresh ingredients. In Reus, you can find restaurants of every kind – from Italian, Japanese to traditional Spanish to various fast food branches, sushi bars, and coffeehouses. We recommend visiting a Spanish restaurant and order traditional, local dishes, maybe something new for you. Anyway, where else to try the authentic Spanish cuisine if not in Spain? Visit Myoos, Xivari Tasca Reus or La Giberga for tasty tapas, paella or even vegetarian options.

After the delicious food, it is not a better pleasure than enjoy fresh melted coffee with sweet cake or ice cream. Cafeteria El Pi del Cugat or Gelatia will take care of your “sweet desire”.

reus street

How to get there:

    • Train: from Barcelona Sants, approximately 1 hour 30 minutes
    • Bus: from Barcelona Sants, approximately 2 hours
    • Car: 110 km, approximately 1 hour 30 minutes

Now, you are ready to visit this beautiful city and enjoy all the mentioned places. Take your friends, get to know the city, and bring only the best memories for the entire life! By Reus your trip is not finishing, there are plenty more places worth visiting, check them on our BLOG and GUIDE!

Photo credit: www.gaudicentre.cat, www.viajes.chavetas.es

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