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secrets of the poble sec district of barcelona

Secrets of the Poble Sec District of Barcelona

Even though this city’s name – Poble Sec – means dry, it is anything but that.

What to eat and drink in Poble Sec

Poble Sec is not known for any touristic attractions, like many other places in Barcelona. This neighborhood has only been known by locals for many years, mostly neglected by visitors.

Right next to Poble Sec is the Parallel Avenue, a big well-known street with a famous theatre, a street almost every tourist knows about. But right behind this big street, you will find the undiscovered pearl Poble Sec.

Every big city has its places that every tourist knows about; the greatest attractions, the best restaurants, drinks, and parks. But isn’t it easy to miss something original and traditional?

Poble Sec is an amazing traditional Spanish area; filled with old buildings and a lot of secret places! Barcelona is a city which has so many offers, but most of them are places that everybody knows about, so even though a restaurant gets good recommendations – it could still lack the Spanish charm.

You won’t be disturbed by noisy cars or the smell of scooters or anything else here; this area is like a cozy village lost in a big town.

poble sec street 1

The streets are clean and quiet; they are streets that should be walked on, not driven. That being said, Poble Sec is like a fairy tale, because even though the streets seem calm, don’t be fooled, there is much more to be discovered hidden behind the doors.

If you want to stay in a truly Spanish area of Barcelona, which is not just original, but also dynamic – I think you know where to go!

If you close your eyes and think of Barcelona, I’m pretty sure that some first things that come to your mind are; Spanish people (obviously), sangria and tapas – so wouldn’t it be great to have all these things at the same time?

Let’s stay focused on drinks and food

Wouldn’t it be nice to leave a place and being sated from delicious food and good beverages, without emptying your pockets?

There are 19 bars in Poble Sec that offer pintxos and a drink for cheap prices. A lot of the bars also offer beers for almost no money. When considering the location in one of the coziest surroundings in the shadow of Montjuic, it would be silly not to go here for a drink or two.


If you are able to pay a little more,  Quimet will give you exactly what you wish for! This is a great place to come if you are a group of friends wanting to go out, but don’t really know where to go – the more people you come with, the more advantageous it will be.

After eating your delicious tapas, do yourself a favor and explore this little village on your own. Do not use your map or ask for direction, allow yourself to get lost and find your new favorite spot in the city of Barcelona.

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  1. I love this area of Barcelona. I always recommend to everyone I know to give it a go, it’s worth it!

  2. Beautiful neighbourhood with great restaurants and bars! I love it!

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