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Parc Joan Miró, Barcelona, Spain.
Parc Joan Miró, Barcelona, Spain.

Parc de Joan Miro – between nature and culture

The Parc de Joan Miro, located in the hearth of the EIXAMPLE DISTRICT OF BARCELONA, is also called “Park of the Escorxador”. Just near the PLAÇA D’ESPANYA, the park is the best option if you need some rest after a day of sightseeing or shopping in the streets nearby. Moreover, Joan Miró’s park is perfectly welcomed in a crowded area of Barcelona where it’s hard to find places to rest and relax.

Inaugurated in 1983, the park is dedicated to Joan Miro, the famous artist of Barcelona. It’s a place where everyone can find a way to have a pleasant time and enjoy the nature. Do you want to live near the Parc de Joan Miro during your stay in Barcelona? Barcelona-Home help you find ACCOMMODATION IN EIXAMPLE.

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Nature in the heart of the park

Large spaces have been made to let people walk under the trees to feel like they are lost in the nature and forgetting the rest of the city. Large paths surrounded by palm trees are everywhere in the park. It gives a sensation of rest and as the park is quite big, you can easily walk around for a long time to discover it and relax. For those willing to take some rest, shoals are present everywhere for you to take a seat and enjoy the nature.

The most important sculpture: Dona I Ocell

The park is dedicated to Joan Miró and to present the genius of the artist, one of its most famous sculptures takes place in the heart of the park. This sculpture is Dona I Ocell, or the woman and the bird. It’s an amazing artwork as it is 22 meters high. The sculpture, made of ceramic mosaic, is the last one of Miró and it has been finished in 1983.

Dona i Ocell Barcelona
Photo credit: rwpaisagismo.blogspot.com

Many Sportive installations

In a corner of the park, some large sportive installations are free to use if you to play sport. Real basketball courts are available, and you can also find tables for table tennis. In other words, the park gives you many options if you want to play sport. If you want even more, then don’t worry – there are a lot of SPORT ACTIVITIES IN BARCELONA.

A family place

Families are more than welcome in this park, as special installations are available for them. Indeed, a SPECIAL AREA FOR CHILDREN with several games is available. In that space, children can use slides and others funny games. Shoals are also installed to let parents have a look on their children while they are playing in children area.

Practical Information

  • Address: Carrer d’Aragó, 2, Barcelona
  • Phone number: +34 807 11 77 00
  • How to get there: Metro L1 (stop: Rocafort), Metro L3 (stop: Tarragona)
  • Price: Free
  • Opening hours: 10:00 until nightfall
  • Animals: Admitted

Photo credit: ajuntament.barcelona.cat


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