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Barcelona lets go a new adventure!

Barcelona, let’s go to a new adventure !

After seven hours of driving since France ; here I am, in Barcelona ! I arrived yesterday on the 1st June 2015 and I stay here for three months to the end of August. I decided to come here, because I love Spain and his culture.

It’s the second time that I come in Spain to work. I come from the west of France and we can say that the weather is totally different of Spain. There is a lot of sun all year long here. Mucha Calor !

The main reasons that pushed me to come here is to improve my spanish level wich is not enough good for me to work in the international trade and discover a new big city full of beautiful monuments to visit like the Sagrada Familia, the Guell Park, the Miro Foundation or the Picasso Museum. I also want to meet people and make friends with local people.

In France, we learn the Castilian language but here, in Barcelona, It’s a bit different because we speak in Catalan. I hope that I won’t have any problem to make me understand.

I started today my work at Barcelona Home where everybody greeted me with pleasure. My collegues are very sympathic and the team is young. I am sure that this internship will be very educational.

People seem very friendly in Barcelona. For example, I ask many time the way to go to my flat and every people I asked replied to me with smile. This trip to Barcelona promises to be very rewarding and full of discoveries.

Hello Spain, see you in three months France !

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Written by: xavi


Hello there! I love to travel, and Barcelona is a great city to live, thats why I decided to write about it and share my experiences!

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