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Must see Spanish Christmas movies

Must See Spanish Christmas Movies

Must See Spanish Christmas Movies

A great stay-at-home activity that can still go ahead this season is getting comfy on the couch and switching on a Christmas movie. Everyone has their ‘go to’ rotation of movies when it comes to the festive season. But why not try something new this year? Check out our list of Must-See Spanish Christmas Movies to add to your list of Christmas classics. Not all of the best Spanish Christmas Movies are as traditionally festive as you might expect.

Spanish Christmas Movies

1. Los Reyes Magos

‘The 3 Wise Men’ is an animated Spanish Christmas movie, following the story of the Magi in the pursuit of their gifts for baby Jesus. This version of the traditional biblical story of Jesus’ birth also includes the explanation of the fury behind King Herod’s actions. As any good children’s movie does, Los Reyes Magos has many moral suggestions of self-belief and teamwork woven in throughout the story. Although only a merry animated children’s movie, it was acknowledged for its animation and nominated for a GOYA AWARD in 2004. A great family-friendly Christmas movie with a classic underlying teamwork fable.

los reyes magos spanish christmas movie

2. Noche de Reyes

If you’re looking for a laid back movie and 99mins of on-stop laughter, then this is the perfect Spanish Christmas movie for you. ‘Night of Kings’ is a Spanish Christmas comedy about a family with the hopes of celebrating the Night of Kings in a big fashion. They slowly see this dream disappear throughout the night as a multitude of events goes hilariously wrong. A similar comedy of errors style movie to that of the Home Alone franchise, a light-hearted Christmas classic in many Spanish households.

3. Plácido

Plácido is commonly described as a dark comedy. It follows a group of wealthy socialites organising their annual Christmas charity event. Another Spanish comedy of errors style movie, similar to Noche de Reyes. However, Plácido does arguably have more depth to it. Many critics have analysed the harsh behaviour of the upper class’ attempt to ease a conscience. Also impressively nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards and entered in the Cannes Film Festival.

4. Pasaje al Amanecer

Not your traditional Christmas movie, yet still a movie not worth watching! ‘Passage at Dawn’ is a Spanish drama set on Christmas Eve in Iraq, before the Second Battle of Fallujah. More or less dramatic than your Christmas family reunion? A great movie if you’re looking for something more intense and theatrical to fill your festive season.

5. El Día de la Bestia

Another non-traditional Spanish Christmas movie. ‘The Day of the Beast’ is a dark comedy horror movie that takes place around the Christmas season. The story of a Basque priest attempting as many sins as possible to sell his soul and stop the birth of the anti-Christ on Christmas Day. Not necessarily a family-friendly recommendation. However, it is definitely an action-packed thriller that will bring a rush of excitement to your Christmas season.

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