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Job Etiquette in Barcelona

Job Etiquette in Barcelona

Job Etiquette in BarcelonaWhen working in Barcelona, it is important to be aware of the standards of behavior and dress code of the company at which you are working. Manners and job etiquette in Barcelona are very similar to those in the rest of Europe, but there do exist certain differences. When working in Barcelona, you want to present yourself in a good manner, because you are not only representing yourself, but also your country. We will share with you some of our tips and suggestions on Job Etiquette in Barcelona.

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The first important point is how to greet someone. Non-verbal communication is very important, and if done incorrectly it can be seen as rude. If you do not know someone in the business world, it is proper to shake hands with that person. On the other hand, if a woman offers her cheek, you should gently give 2 kisses, one on the right cheek and the other on the left. It is not exacly a direct kiss, but more of touching of each cheek and kissing the air around it. However giving a kiss on the cheek is more appropriate in a social setting than in the business world. A hug is only given if you know someone very well, and occasionally two men will kiss each other as a greeting, but only if they are very close friends or family. When leaving, it is polite to shake hands or give a kiss.

Dress Code

In Barcelona, there is a difference between what people perceive as being formal, since they care a lot about appearance. An informal outfit will still be nicer than wearing jeans and a t-shirt. One easy to remember rule of thumb is to wear solid dark colors, and to try to stay away from bright colors and patterns. Even during the summer men will wear dark, designer brand suits. For work, woman will wear skirts, dresses, and pants. At the office women also often accessorize with jewelry and scarfs for a more formal look. Shoes are also a very important part of work attire. Barcelona is known for well-made leather shoes, which must always be cleaned. Shorts are hardly ever worn, except for going to the beach.

In Barcelona as well as in the rest of Spain, personal space is not as well respected as in, for example, the United States. It is not uncommon for a boss or worker to talk to you with his face very close to your own. It is considered rude to back away and create more space between you.

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