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CaixaForum Barcelona

CaixaForum Barcelona is an art gallery in Catalonia, Spain. It is sponsored by the Barcelona bank ‘la caixa’ and opened in 2002 in a former factory. It is thereby located in the Montjuic area, this houses art exhibits and has about three acres of exhibition space, a media library, auditorium, classroom and a restaurant. It is the social and cultural center of the Obra social ‘La Caixa’ and is located in one of the most modernist buildings of Barcelona, just outside the mountain of Montjuic. This building is established as a unique piece of Catalan modern industrial architect of the early 20th century, Puig i Cadafalch.

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La Caixa was motionless for a while and decided to return to Barcelona and the state with a brand new look depending on the social , culture, and educational communications whilst grasping a modern cultural without ruining the original spirit of work.

As CaixaForum is open to all audiences, it is suited to a wide range of social, cultural and educational categories that would be fitted to everyone’s perspective. It has quite strong cultural dynamics as its quite alive in the city where you can visit most exhibitions, modern, classical, and contemporary. Approximately the centers have 12,000 m² on three floors and from these 2,500 are engaged by four exhibition halls.

At CaixaForum Barcelona, there are ongoing film screenings, concerts, conferences, debates, performing arts, literature, thought cycles, multimedia art and family program therefore this led CaixaForum to become the center of orientation. One of the main vital parts in Spanish culture is the form of temporary exhibitions.

Temporary Exhibitions

This exhibition is revolved around the new stories about the Spanish culture through combing art, historical periods, and various themes a step to linking the CaixaForum and MACBA. The main part of this is based on the notion of modernity with the classical relationship to history which was developed through the twentieth century culture.

Permanent Space

There is a media art space which is also known as the viewing space where you can see the digital content and video works that CaixaForum created from the media library. From here you can access over 1,000 videos created from the media library art and can be publicly used as a handful resource for research engaging with students, stakeholders , curators artists and general public. The computers also provide the internet of the media library, allowing searching for artists, titles etc.

Another area in the permanent space is known as the Modernist space, this reflects the cultural and social of the Catalan elite from the early twentieth century.

There is also a CaixaForum for kids, family workshops, family art and family show. So if you are staying in an accommodation in Barcelona near this area, check out this intellectual and memorable museum.

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