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Refuge of Plaza del Diamant

In 1936, Spain got into a huge civil war. Violence, and bomb alerts were part of this event. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to imagine that Plaza Catalunya and Las Ramblas were the place where the rebellion and the first shootings took place during the Civil War. You would wonder why in a city known for its museums, no one has been dedicated to the Spanish Civil War? That is not true.

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During the Civil War, more than thousands of underground refuges were built to protect the citizens from the air attacks. Most of them had been forgotten since their rediscovery in 1992. A visit of this tunnels will show you the life conditions during this period, you’ll be able to imagine the daily life of the refugees, and it is useless to say what an emotional experience it will be for you. Tours are organised during the weekend for 3€/person at 232 Plaza del Diamant and it is better to book your tour to this address:

[email protected]

Check out this video of one of the refuge located at Plaza del Diamant:

photo credit: http://goo.gl/NxoBCs

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