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Hot dogs in Barcelona

The best hot dogs in Barcelona

The best hot dogs in Barcelona

The best hot dogs in Barcelona aren’t that hard to find, you just need to know where to look. You can mostly find them in the Eixample area, El Raval and the Gothic Quarter. When thinking about Spanish food a hot dog isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, but some of the restaurants in our list added a fun Spanish twist to their hot dogs. And if you are just not a big fan of the Spanish cuisine we surely recommend you to go and try some of these hot dogs.

Little history lesson

The hot dog is originally from Frankfurt, Germany. From there it spread to various places in Europe and then the European emigrants brought it to the United States. In the United States it became a very popular street food among the middle class. But the first person who turned it into a success was once again a German. He started selling hot dogs on the beaches of Cooney Island. The sausage that is used can be different but the most common is the Frankfurter sausage which is about 15 cm. The meat of the sausages can also be different, you can have them with chicken, turkey, meat substitute for vegetarians, and pork which is the most common. Watch the video bellow to learn something about Nathan’s hot dogs in Cooney Island. Nathan’s hot dogs have been there for 100 years and people are still lining up for them.

The Box

The Box is a cute little restaurant in the Gothic Quarter with Latin street food and drinks. On the menu you can find bagels, chilaquiles, hot dogs (of course), burritos, quesadillas, and nachos. They also have a very good drinks menu full of special and classic cocktails, shots, all types of beers and wines and soft drinks. The interior of The Box is colourful and vibrant and full of good vibes. It hasn’t gotten a lot of tables but luckily you can also take the hot dogs with you. The hot dogs at The Box are made with Latin influences, so for example they have the Lola which is made with ground beef, cheese, guacamole, mayonnaise and cilantro. All the hot dogs can be also made vegetarian.

AddressCarrer d’en Gignas, 30, 08002 Barcelona

hot dog

The Dog is Hot

The Dog is Hot gives you a lot of options when it comes to hot dogs. They have Easy hotdogs, own suggestions, specialties, baked potatoes and nacho’s. Easy hotdogs is the cheapest option. With Easy hotdogs you can chose one added ingredient, like pickles, fried union, or jalapeños. The suggestions of  The Dog is Hot range from a Basicdog to Rusticdog. But if you really want the full hot dog experience we suggest you order one of their specialty hotdogs. Our favourite is the Specialdog with Rucola, guacamole, raw onion, grated cheese, and dry tomatoes. Besides delicious hot dogs they have very tasty backed potatoes and nachos. Don’t be surprised if you spot the foodtruck of Tho Dog is Hot!  But if you want to go to the official restaurant you can search for it in Ciutat Vella District.

Address: Carrer de Joaquín Costa, 47, local Bj 1, 08001 Barcelona

hot dog

El Perro Salvaje

El Perro Salvaje (spanish for ‘the wild dog’) can be found in Diagonal, and they also have two restaurants in Madrid. If you don’t want to leave your apartment you can also order one online and they will bring it right to your doorstep. So, what can you order? Well of course they have a classic hot dog for only 3€. They also have standard hot dogs for 3,90€ and premium hot dogs for 4,50€. And then they even give you the option to put some together yourself for 3,90€. If you want to create your own you are allowed to chose 3 ingredients and 3 sauces. All of the hot dogs can be made vegan or vegetarian. El Perro Salvaje also has a foodtruck which you can even rent for your own wedding.

Address: Carrer de Còrsega, 379, Barcelona

hot dog


Butipà is one of the hot dogs places that creates hot dogs with Catalan influences. Here you can get yourself a gourmet version with the best local products. The traditional sausages are replaced with butifarras. Butifarras are sausages made out of minced pork seasoned with salt and pepper. You can find different variations of the butifarras depending on the Spanish region you are in. Butipà gives you the option to chose from 12 different varieties of butifarras. You can find Butipà in El Raval.

Address: Avinguda Diagonal, 208, 08018 Barcelona

hot dog

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