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BCN Baila - Barcelona-home

BCN Baila – Salsa and Bachata in Barcelona

BCN Baila – Salsa and Bachata in Barcelona

Did you move to Barcelona and want to try your luck at the dance but do not know where to start? Would you like to feel the emotion of being in the center of attention with the Latin sound? In Barcelona-Home we have the right proposal for you, BCN Baila!

What are Salsa and Bachata?

SalsaSALSA is a Caribbean couple dance danced mainly on the notes of the homonymous musical genre. The sauce, although it shares well-defined common characteristics, develops in various styles that are mainly differentiated by gestures, figures, musical ramifications of a cultural nature. The Salsa in the couple dance optics belongs to the “social” classification, such as the Argentine Tango or milonga dances.

Bachata. Bachata is a Latin American musical genre originating in the Dominican Republic that gave rise to the related couple dance. The music presents a sweet and melodic sound. The lyrics of the songs always deal with the theme of love in all its nuances, sometimes in idyllic terms and sometimes in dramatic terms.

BCN Bailia - Barcelona-home

BCN Baila

BCN dances born of the passion for the dance of two friends who knew each other dancing, Dani and Noe, and the pleasure to keep fit and take care of themselves. The idea of creating a quality dance school, with good professionals, in gyms where there is already this taste for caring, tracing a network of dance classes in different BCN gyms with the final idea that all of Barcelona dance. And joining all those points to create common events for students to practice and enjoy this wonderful world that opens the day you decide to learn to dance.

Why dance with BCN Baila?

Meet new peopleconnectcreate ties with strangers that end up becoming friends. Dance can help to improve human relationshipshave funstay in shapefree yourself from all the worries. It is a therapeutic way to grow and open up mentally and emotionally. There are many people who change their lives when they start dancing. From BCN baila wants to bring this feeling and well-being that the dance offers to as many people as possible and in as many places as possible. The idea is that the network is skipped and in the end every time there are more happy and healthy people, treated in the city of Barcelona thanks to the dance.

BCN Bailia - Barcelona-home


  • 1 Class – €10
  • 1 Class per week (1 month) – €29.90
  • 2 Classes per week (1 month) – €54.90


Phone: +34 628 15 02 66


Open hours: Tuesday & Thursday 18:30-22:30

Address: Carrer D’agaró 178, 08011 Barcelona

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