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Barcelona Running Routes

Barcelona Running Routes in and out the city

Christmas is here! And with it all the big dinners and excesses of food and drinks. This is the time of the year for doing that, we are not saying the opposite. The thing is, that many people need to detox their bodies a little bit so that they don’t feel too heavy or swollen. This is all an excellence excuse to move up our bodies a little bit! Why not starting the year including some healthy habits like running? Well, we are lucky to say that Barcelona is such an amazing city full of running routes. If you decide to step out into the streets, parks or beaches in Barcelona you will find yourself sorrounded by many runners. This is also a great way to get to know more the city! What are you waiting for to start knowing the Barcelona Running Routes?

barcelona running routes

Barcelona running routes to know the City

Avenida Diagonal

Are you looking forward to know more the city while excercising? This is the perfect route for you! The Avenida Diagonal in Barcelona is one of the most urban and famous streets. It travles all across the city and it has 11 km. Perfect for runners! Running along this street is the best choice if you want to see manorial buildings and monumets in your run.

Parc de la Ciudadella

Do you prefer a big oasis of nature but without going far wy from the city? Definitely go to Parc de la Ciudadella! This park has 18 hectares all sorrounded by gardens and beautiful monumental fountains, even a castle!

Parc Güell

Running with incredible views of Barcelona? This is your place. Parc Güell is situated in the high part of the city, so it makes this park a wonderful balcony to the city. If you also add the fact that it is Gaudi’s modernist park, the route can’t get any better for running in Barcelona. Views+modernism+gardens.


barcelona running routes

Barcelona running routes in the Beach

Passeig Marítim

Running right next to the Mediterranean sea is all a luxe. In Barcelona you have the big Passeig Marítim all well disposed for this kind of plans. Running along it is the best way to disconnect a little bit and enjoy the sea breeze.


Barcelona running routes in the Nature

Do you prefer running outside the city with fresh air and all sorrounded by nature? Continue reading, because Barcelona offers you all!


This is one of the favorite places by the runners in Barcelona! Enjoy the mountains just next to the city and inmerse yourself into this sport spirit (because you won’t be the only runner there!). This place is perfect for breathing and connect with the nature, plus it also has one of the best views of the city and the sea.

barcelona running routes

Carretera de les Aigües

Do you recall Parque Tibidabo? Take advantadge of this route and run across this route with amazing views and 2 km away from Tibidabo. In this route you will find yourelf more isolated from the city, perfect if you are looking for scaping the city and the noises a little bit!

We hope this article was helpful for you! All this routes are awesome to get to know the city of Barcelona in a different way. Who wants to star the year running a little bit?

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