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Bar Dow Jones

Bar Dow Jones in Barcelona

, for students, is sometimes an expensive city. When you really want to go to the good clubs you will have to pay at least 5 euros for your drink easily.

And when you drink a lot, sooner or later, your money will disappear just like the drink you thought you just ordered. Of course you can not do this every week, but what if you do wanna party every week?


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Then there is Bar Dow Jones with a totally new concept! This big bar, located at Carrer del Bruc 97 in the neighborhood of Eixample, uses a special software as selling systems which is completely interactive. As soon as you order a drink, prices on the screen change. The drink that you order goes up and others go down. It is just like the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). But instead of the NYSE they have ‘fortunately’ after a some turnovers a crash which means that almost every 30 minutes the stock market suffers a “crack” and the drink prices go down by 30-50%. And this will be indicated by sirens and flashlights that you can have your drink at a real bargain. But you have to be quick, because it only last a few minutes.


Bar Dow Jones is very popular in Barcelona and attracts people from all over the world. In this way it has a good and international ambiance without being an Irish or English pub. It is the perfect bar to spend together at night with all the friends you have got to know in Barcelona, and after a few drinks, to go clubbing with!

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