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Apartments in Barcelona

The majority of inhabitants in Barcelona live in apartments. Although there are houses in some parts of Barcelona, close to the city center most people live in apartment buildings. As a result, when living in Barcelona (or visiting for an extended period) there are many options in regards to living in apartments in Barcelona.

Types of Apartments in Barcelona

In Barcelona, there is a huge variety of old (sometimes very old) and new standard apartments, studio apartments and duplex apartments. Apartments range from having one or no rooms to apartments with 6 or more rooms. There are student apartments, apartments for females or males only and apartments with certain age preferences. In regards to apartment living, Barcelona has it all.

Particularly for young people and those not living with family, the most popular type of accommodation in Barcelona is either in a standard share apartment or a studio/loft type apartment. The majority of young people that I know live in apartments that they share with usually 2, 3 or 4 other flatmates (of course there are apartments with fewer flatmates and more flatmates, however, a total of 3-5 flatmates is most common). This is generally the cheapest way to live and also the most enjoyable if you like living with others and meeting new people.

Attic house with a private terrace in Eixample Barcelona

From 84€ / NIGHT

Attic house with a private terrace in Eixample Barcelona

License: HUTB-003391


Shared Apartments

Due to its popularity as an international destination, there are many expatriates and foreigners living in Barcelona. Consequently, share apartments are often shared amongst people of different nationalities and are usually very fun places to live. If you are looking to live in a shared apartment and wish to improve your Spanish while living in Barcelona you should always ask what languages are mostly spoken in the apartment. Although it’s not very common, in some share apartments little or no Spanish is spoken. Living in a Spanish speaking environment is one of the best ways to learn and improve your Spanish.

There are many shared apartments in Barcelona, shared only by students or people between certain ages. This helps ensure a good atmosphere in the apartment and good relationships between the housemates.  Barcelona-Home is one company that I know that specializes in this type of accommodation and has a wide variety of rooms available in shared apartments (it also has a number of standards, studio and duplex apartments on offer).

Cozy single room near Parc de Montjuic from

From 420€ / MONTH



Studio apartments

If you prefer living on your own and having your own space then a studio apartment would be best suited to you, however, these can be expensive for just one person. If you don´t mind spending a little more you can also find some very nice duplex apartments (with more than one level) as well as nice standard apartments with 1-3 bedrooms. See all studios and 1-3 bedroom apartments.

Studio with balcony near Sants station

From 85€ / NIGHT

p1c1kiocqp1tdel0tc7i1bfp4tuaLicense: HUTB-011969






  1. Hi,

    My partner and I are looking for a cheap flat in the bohemian areas of Barcelona. Please can you send us more photos, exact locations and your cheapest quotes for 7 nights starting 10th May for 2 people.

    Many thanks


  2. Hello Kuldip,

    for more information about the apartments, please contact us by phone +34 934 231 270 or send an email to [email protected]. Our friendly customer service will help you in finding best apartment for your stay in Barcelona 🙂 You can also look for yourself on our WEBSITE. For bohemian areas I recommend you Gràcia or el Born neighbourhoods which are full of small art galleries, alternative cafés and unique tapas restaurants.

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