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5 Best Ways to Learn Spanish

5 Best Ways to Learn Spanish

Whether you want to make connections with locals during a Friday night out or you simply want to be able to understand the menu at your favourite restaurant, knowing Spanish in Spain is going to be essential. But what are the best ways to learn a new language like Spanish?

Learning a new language is always going to be a challenge. Especially when you arrive to a new country where Spanish is the main language and you want to learn it quickly. The process of trying to figure out the best method, the best language school or even the best learning with spanish language tutors will benefit you can easily become frustrating and overwhelming.

When faced with the challenge of learning Spanish in a new country, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. However, you can enhance your language learning journey by seeking the assistance of a Spanish language tutor

Their personalized guidance and tailored lessons will boost your confidence and fluency in no time.

#1 Use children’s material

learn Spanish - Barcelona-home

When starting to learn the basics of a language, it’s important to take baby steps. To begin, learn easy vocabulary and use children’s books as reading materials. These texts will not only help put these new words into context, but it’s a simple way to learn even more since they break down the basics for you.

#2 Watch your favourite movies and shows in Spanish

learn Spanish - Barcelona-home

Try using those movies or shows that you love watching all over and over again even though you might already know the dialogues, plot, and outcomes. By watching the films you know by heart, you will easily identify and connect the Spanish vocabulary with its meanings. This will help you recognise new vocabulary words and also give you clues on how to apply them in real world scenarios. If you are preparing to visit Barcelona you might be interested in movies that have been shot in the city. If that is the case, you can take a look at our list of SPANISH SERIES.

#3 Try language learning apps

learn Spanish - Barcelona-home

Even though many people think the content of language learning apps can become repetitive, it’s a fantastic approach for memorisation. Similarly, you can learn new phrases at any point during the day, whether you wait for the bus to arrive or 15 minutes before going to bed. These apps are not only convenient for the user, but help improve your grammar, writing, listening and speaking skills all in one touch.

#4 Listen to Podcasts

learn Spanish - Barcelona-home

Podcasts are amazing tools to improve your listening skills while being fun and convenient for many. You can listen to the news or an interesting TedTalk while learning pronunciation and improving your listening abilities. The best part is that there are podcasts available for all interests, from politics to the business world, it’s all one click away.

#5 Talk to locals

learn Spanish - Barcelona-home

Talking to strangers can be a difficult and intimidating task. But how about practicing what you have learned with people you already talk to on a daily basis? Try approaching your neighbours for a simple one-minute conversation. Also, push yourself to respond to your waiter in Spanish or sales assistants next time you purchase something. The key is to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to practice what you already know! Particularly in Barcelona, if you are looking to avoid tourists, you should head into less central neighbourhoods. We recommend Sant Antoni/ Poble Sec as a great place to be among the Barcelona locals. If you want to read a little bit more about locals in Barcelona and what they like to do, we suggest you read our article on LOCAL LIFE IN BARCELONA.

Location: Sant Antoni / Poble Sec Neighbourhood

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