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Visiting Barcelona with your dog

Visiting Barcelona with your dog

Do you consider your dog a part of the family? If so, we can imagine that wherever you travel, you would like to take your pet with you. If you are coming to Barcelona with a dog, there is nothing to worry about! It’s a very pet-friendly city which offers many attractions both for the owners and their dogs. On the streets of Barcelona, you can see everyday a lot of dogs in any breed, size, and color. It’s the best proof of that visiting Barcelona with a dog will be a pleasure for both you and your pup!

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.
—Roger Caras (photographer and writer)

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Element 2Things to do


Barcelona is a very dog-friendly city and will offer you many attractions for you and your dog. Of course, it will be not possible to enter the main tourist spots like La Sagrada Familia, museums, and other indoor monuments, but there are still many things to do with your dog. Barcelona is a perfect city for long walks, during which you can admire art, architecture masterpieces, and facades of splendid modernist buildings.
dog - Barcelona-home
You can start your walk from the upper side of PASSEIG DE GRACIA to see Gaudi’s monuments LA PEDRERA and CASA BATLLÓ. The sidewalks there are very wide, but you have to remember to keep your dog on a leash, as there are a lot of cars around. Then turn left onto Gran Via de Les Corts Catalanes to reach Plaza Tetuan then, impressive ARC DE TRIOMF, from which are only a few steps to your final destination – PARC DE LA CIUTADELLA. The park, although full of people on the weekends, is a perfect place to have a rest, let your dog out, and have fun! You can also bring small dogs into many shops that you may wish to visit on your walk.


Barcelona with a dog; Parks

Another park you can enjoy with your dog is the famous Park GüellYou can easily enter even to its monumental part (don’t forget to book your tickets in advance!). Moreover, dogs are also very welcome in public parks such as Parque Joan Miró, Parque de la Estació del Nord or Parque de la Espanya Industrial. 


Barcelona is known for its beautiful beaches, which you will definitely want to visit. Unfortunately, during the high season for bathing, on Barcelona’s beaches, there are some restrictions. It’s prohibited to go to the beach with your pet during the weekends from April to October and on any day from the 1st of July to the last Sunday of September. However, Llevant beach has a special area marked out for dogs and it’s opened from 1st of June to 25th of September (2017).  There are also some pet beaches around Barcelona: Cala Vallcarca near Sitges or Playa de la Picordia in Arenys de Mar.
If you want something extra for your puppy you can visit Canino Can Jane Resort with a special swimming pool for dogs, just 30 minutes from Barcelona.

dogs on a beach


In the city, you will also find dog-friendly attractions like Chronologic Escape Room. You can also take a ride on Funky Rickshaw City Tourwhich will happily take your pet on a board with you! During your stay in Barcelona be up-to-date with some outdoor events such as Palo Alto Market – a weekend festival with live music, food trucks, and design, organized on the first weekend of every month. Of course, it’s 100% dog-friendly!

Funky Cycle Rickshaw City Tour


You can easily use public transport to move around Barcelona with your dog. However, you have to follow some restrictions. In Barcelona’s metro and bus, networks travel with one dog per person is allowed. All dogs on the metro and bus areas must WEAR A MUZZLE. They also must be kept on a non-extending lead and remain within 50 cm of the handler. On weekdays from 11 September to 24 June, pets are not allowed on the metro between 7.00 and 9.30 am, and between 5.00 and 7.00 pm. On weekends and on public holidays, dogs are allowed at any time as well as during the summer (from 24 June to 11 September).

You can also travel with your dog by taxi, but always make sure that the transfer company you choose is pet-friendly and if it takes any additional fees for the pet.


  • Although all the places we mentioned are dog-friendly, bear in mind that during the high season or rush hours places can be crowded, which might not be suitable for your pet.
  • Always have a bottle of water for your pet. You can easily refill it at one of the drinking fountains in the city.

Element 3Where to Eat


In Barcelona, you don’t have to struggle a lot with the choice of restaurants and bars which accept dogs. A dog is more than welcome in many restaurants in Barcelona. You can enjoy your meal or a cold beer with your pet next to you. Here you have some options:

Espai Mescladís

Espai Mescladís

This colorful cafe-bar is located on a small patio in heart of el Born district. It is a good choice for breakfast or lunch. Not just a place with delicious food, but also a non-profit organization. They give work opportunities to immigrants and organize multicultural workshops. You can sit on its beautiful terrace and enjoy sunny mornings with your pet.

Can Dendê

For a delicious brunch, you should head to Can Dendê. It’s a charming local restaurant with friendly staff. You can have typical brunch options such as French toast or eggs Benedict. In addition, some dishes have a Brazilian touch. Ah, and don’t forget that little Dendê the dog is the boss there!

Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona

It’s a Barcelonian Moritz brewery restaurant. Typical Spanish tapas and a beer from the large selection of their home-brews are the best things to order. We love it thanks to its delicious food and unique, spacious venue. You can spend a delightful time till late night hours inside or on their cozy terrace.

Element 1Where to stay

There are plenty of apartments in Barcelona that accept dogs. Some may charge an additional fee per dog but this ensures that there will be no problems if your pup misbehaves!

Check out the following article for the most up-to-date PET-FRIENDLY APARTMENTS!

One comment

  1. The truth is that – in Barcelona – people with dogs are treated as secondary citizens, our furry friends are not allowed in most parks and the spaces dedicated to them are very few, small and dirty. As of today there’s roughly 150.000 dogs in Barcelona which amounts to 10% of the population, yet the city council keeps reducing designated areas.

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