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Erotic Museum Barcelona

Erotic Museum Barcelona

Erotic Museum Barcelona

Many people regard Barcelona as a non-judgemental and accepting city. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that it is home to the Erotic Museum Barcelona. It is one of Barcelona’s most famous alternative museums and you cannot find any other museum like this in Spain. Founded in 1997, the Erotic museum is home to the history of global eroticism.

A more recent addition to the many famous landmarks in Barcelona. You can spot the museum on La Rambla with Marilyn Monroe standing on the balcony. It goes without saying that you must be 18 or older to enter the Erotic Museum, as it is an adult only exhibition. For more information on tickets and the museum take a look at the Erotic Museum website (https://www.erotica-museum.com).

Alternative Museums in Barcelona

Rooms in Erotic Museum Barcelona:

The Erotic museum has 13 rooms, with 4 additional temporary rooms. More than 800 pieces are on display in the museum, a particularly popular section of the museum includes Guinness World Records. The permanent rooms include a mixture of historical artefacts from ancient civilisations, the orient and 19th century Europe to the erotic garden.

Many visitors claim the erotic garden to be their favourite room in the exhibition, filled with intriguing shaped plants and statues. The museum is more than just a laugh and is in fact rather educational. It brings together different cultures and societies by analysing their mutual interests in eroticism.

Erotic Museum Barcelona

Source: https://www.erotica-museum.com


There are all sorts of events that take place at the Erotic museum. At current due to COVID-19 there are no specified upcoming events. However, take a look at their website to keep an eye out for any future events that you might be interested in. The events, in addition to many other aspects are what make the Erotic museum special. It is not only a museum, but an interactive learning experience. The most popular events they host are stag/hen parties for bridal parties. This event includes a champagne tour of the museum by Marilyn Monroe followed by games in the erotic garden.

Erotic Museum Barcelona

Source: https://www.erotica-museum.com


Pablo Picasso was a famous 19th century Spanish artist from Málaga. He was known for his talent in multiple art medias. These include painting, sculpting, assembling, engraving and many more. He was also known for having multiple lovers, whom he used as inspiration for many of his pieces. The romantic and erotic experiences he had with these lovers had particular influence on his engravings of nude women.

The Erotic Museum holds two of his engravings, which illustrate multiple nude women. The museum is extremely fortunate to be able to display two of pieces by Picasso and it is definitely worth a visit.

Erotic Museum Picasso

Source: https://www.erotica-museum.com


La Rambla 96 bis, 08002 Barcelona

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