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    In here, you can find all the best places and services in Barcelona. Plan you trip while consulting our blog, and enjoy your stay in this beautiful city!

5 best brunches in Barcelona

5 best brunches in Barcelona - Barcelona Home

5 best brunches in Barcelona Let us guide you to discover the 5 best brunches in Barcelona ! Breakfast+Lunch=Brunch. Barcelona, the city that has everything, is, of course, offering some amazing brunch places. It doesn’t matter if you want a healthy antidote ...

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Check out the best Irish bars in Barcelona

Best Irish bars Barcelona Barcelona-Home

Ireland’s beloved festivity Saint Patricks’ Day is quickly approaching and certainly the best way to celebrate it is in one of traditional Irish bars! Moreover, the 17th of March is known for being a religiously important day, especially in Ireland as it ...

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The Best Asian restaurants in Barcelona

Nice Asian restaurants in Barcelona - Barcelona Home

Asian folks are traveling all over the world, and are bringing their culture with them! For instance, from street food to boutique restaurants, lovers of Asiatic food are well catered for throughout the world. Oriental supermarkets and restaurants can be ...

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Best Nordic food places in Barcelona

Best nordic food places in Barcelona Barcelona-Home

The Nordic countries include Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Denmark and are known for their rich culture and unique traditions. Here we can show you some of our favourite Nordic food places located in Barcelona! These restaurants and bars take inspiration ...

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Best Rental Companies in Barcelona

Best Rental Companies in Barcelona Barcelona-Home

When coming to Barcelona, there are many different venues and attractions that people tend to look forward to. Moreover, the city has a well-developed public transport network that would take you to different city spots within minutes. However, trying other ...

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Best Beauty Salons in Barcelona

Best Hair Salons in Barcelona Barcelona-Home

Whether you’re looking to glamorize yourself before an important occasion or simply want to pamper yourself with a relaxing beauty treatment, take some time off during your stay to sit back and enjoy the works of some of the most skilled beauticians in ...

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Best Personal Trainers in Barcelona

Best Personal Trainers in Barcelona Barcelona-Home

Eating and enjoying different types of food is everyone’s favourite moments in life and Barcelona sure has plenty of selection to choose from. Though the aftermath of eating too much would mean that we’ll need to visit the gym any time ...

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Top American Restaurants in Barcelona

Top American Restaurants in Barcelona Barcelona-Home

Homesick expats and locals with a craving for a good burger and french fries, welcome! We have rounded up the Top American Restaurants in Barcelona; three fantastic foodie establishments guaranteed to leave you feeling satisfied by classic American fare. Whether you’re ...

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3 Best Nutritionists in Barcelona

3 Best Nutritionists in Barcelona Barcelona-Home

There’s nothing more important than our health; and as nutrition and diet plays a further role in that we have decided to round up the Best Nutritionists in  Barcelona. We have chosen these three institutions based on excellent feedback from former ...

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