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Best language schools in Barcelona

If you are planning to do a trip to Barcelona, to improve your Spanish or just to learn it, keep reading our article to know the best languages school in Barcelona. One of the main things that you need to know when coming to Barcelona is that Spanish (Castellano) is only one of the official language of the city, as the other one is Catalan. The latter is mainly preferred by locals and is learned at school. However, do not worry, Spanish is still spoken in Barcelona and most of the general information in the city is available in both languages.

A good way to recognize a good language school in Barcelona is pretty simple, you just look if the school has been approved by the Institute Cervantes. The institute has been created by the government in 1991 with the aim to promote the Spanish culture. Being accredited from the Institute Cervantes is a guarantee of quality!

Here are 3 of the best Language School in Barcelona:


Founded in 2005, Linguaschools started as a small project and quickly became one of the leading networks of high-quality Spanish language schools in Spain and Latin America.

With 7 schools in Spain and 6 in Latin America, Linguaschools receives students from more than 80 countries. It is a DELE and SIELE exam center in Barcelona and it is accredited to do CCSE nationality exams. They offer a wide range of courses from individual courses to custom to intensive.

Linguaschools’ schools are recognized by many respectable universities and scholarship programs all over the world. Additionally, their programs have been endorsed and accredited by several well-known institutions, such as the Instituto Cervantes for Spanish language schools.

Their philosophy is to offer an unforgettable experience to students by providing high-quality Spanish courses in a unique cultural context. That is why they have all year round activity programs that create an immersive experience that students love.

Address: c/ Passatge Permanyer 17, 08009
Telephone: (+34) 931 761 536
Email: [email protected]

#2 Sprachaffe-Academia Barcelona plus

Sprachcaffe;Best language Schools in Barcelona; Barcelona-Home

Sprachcaffe is language school that is spread all around the world. They are now located in 30 different places and you can take a class in one of the languages of your choice. The school is approved by the Institute Cervantes in Spain and from all the different governmental institutions in the other concerning countries.

The School in Barcelona, Academia Barcelona plus is composed of 7 modern, air-conditioned classrooms, a Bibliothèque, a cafeteria, a lounge for students and an informatic room. Their courses are for all levels from beginner to advance. Indeed, there is a program for youngsters from 12 to 21 years old and also one for people who are looking for something more intense; it is for adults and young professionals from 16+. You can choose between the level of intensity (the number of courses your want per week) so you adapt it to your schedule.

If you want to beneficiate of a discount, enter BCNHOME code during the reservation process on their website (find the link below)! You will be able to get a 15 euros discount on your courses per week. Have a look above at our explanatory video on how to book with Sprachcaffe; and how to use the BCNHOME code.

Address: Via Laietana, 15 – Entlo. 08003 Barcelona
Telephone: (+34) 932 681 707
Email: [email protected]
To get your discount for the adult program: sprachcaffe.com
To get your discount for the youth program: sprachcaffe.com

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3# Barna House

Barna-House; Best language Schools in Barcelona; Barcelona-Home

The method of this school relies on personal assistance within small groups or private tutoring with flexible hours. They teach English, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Catalan, Spanish and Japanese. You will have the opportunity to learn from native speaker teachers. Besides the courses, activities are organized by the school.
As a student of Barna house, you can access to the library with free internet as much as you want. The school can also propose to you a “language partner” with who you will be able to practice the language you choose to learn, outside the classroom.

Address: c/ Roger de Llúria 123 08037 Barcelona
Telephone: (+34) 93 488 00 80
Email: [email protected]

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4# Enforex

Enforex; Best language School in Barcelona; Barcelona-Home

Enforex has become a leader in the field of language learning in Spain and Latin America. It is center accredited by the Institute Cervantes and has a capacity of 550 pupils. They teach English, French, and German which allows the students to participate in a linguistic exchange program. At Enforex there are different types of courses: intensive, super-intensive, on the long term program and quarterly programs.

As far that the choice of your courses is a concern, the school offers a diverse range of classes. You can participate in exams preparation class, Spanish literature, professional Spanish class (Medial, Business, Ingeneurical vocabulary…).

Address: Diputación, 92 08015 Barcelona, Spain
Telephone:  (+34) 915 943 776

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