Sustainable Tourism in Barcelona

Barcelona wants to give back to its community The ‘Plan Estratégico de Turismo 2020’ (Strategic Plan of Tourism 2020) is reviewing possibilities to create a sustainable tourism and giving back to the city. Barcelona is a very attractive city. Last year it received over 30 million tourists, of which half spent the night in the city. The […]

Family homes turned in high-end accommodations in center of Eixample

What do the Future and the Increasing Rental Space Demand Have in Store for Eixample Foreign investors interest is bringing alterations to the accommodation market in one of Barcelona’s most emblematic neighborhoods. Ever since the dawn of its existence, Eixample has been home to the Barcelona bourgeoisie. The neighborhood accommodates predominantly families as well as […]

Barcelona tourism. They launch an observatory to manage it!

Barcelona Tourism is a hot topic. The city wants to manage it now. Metropolis office – its Diputació and Turisme departments – plan to share data with citizens. It has to help with their decision-making. The City Council, Diputació and the consortium Turisme de Barcelona have promoted the Observatorio del Turisme de Barcelona in order to generate quantitative […]

EatWith and VizEat, the two social eating platforms, merge together

U.S. Startup EatWith, the ‘Airbnb For Home-Cooked Meals’ was acquired from VizEat, the European ‘social eating platform’. About EatWith EatWith is a U.S. startup founded in 2012 by Guy Michlin and Shemer Schwarzwants. They launched it in the wave of the sharing economy started in 2007 with Airbnb. Their purpose is to connect hosts and guest for a local […]

Airbnb pulls 1,000 illegal listings from Barcelona

1000 illegal apartments taken down from the famous platform, Airbnb, after “bed protest” in the center of Barcelona to raise awareness of risks of renting unlicensed apartments. On Tuesday 15th August 2017, Airbnb was in force to pull 1000 illegal listings of apartments around Barcelona. Barcelona is currently practicing a “One-host, One-home” policy called ‘Vivienda de Uso Turístico’. […]

Terrorist attack in Barcelona

A man drove through a crowd in the popular La Rambla promenade in Barcelona yesterday. 13 people are killed and 100 injured in this terror attack. Another terrorist attack in Europe happened on famous promenade in Barcelona. A white van driven by a man killed 13 walking people in La Rambla. It’s Barcelona’s one of the […]

Discover Barcelona – Collserola Tower

Collserola Tower symbolizes the change of Barcelona! Walking through one of the most spectacular architectures in Barcelona and discover its modernity. Collserola Tower symbolizes the change of Barcelona! During your visit to Barcelona, you can not only discover a lot of nice food, street art with fantastic drawing but also check the modern and classical […]