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New Year ‘s Eve in Barcelona

Where to Go on New Year ‘s Eve in Barcelona

New Year’s Eve in Barcelona, Nochevieja in Spanish and Cap d’Any in Catalan, can be celebrated in various locations and in many different ways around the city. There isn’t any single destination where people celebrating the turn of the year should be going, but what we do have is a collection of possible options for the evening, both early and late into the night! In this post we’ll be presenting the most notable New Year’s Eve events you should consider for an unforgettable night in Barcelona and the answer to Where to Go on New Year ‘s Eve Barcelona.


On La Nochevieja, which means ‘the old night’ in Spanish, families and friends often gather together to enjoy a late meal, the last one of the year, before hitting the big parties. According to Spanish tradition, you should wear red underwear and eat twelve grapes at midnight, one at each chime of the clock in the countdown. These two traditions are said to bring good luck. The fireworks are held near Plaza España, around the beautiful Font Magica. You can find several Plaza España accommodations and book ahead to be as close as possible to the party. You’ll also be able to see people on the streets and terraces firing their own fireworks.

Where to go on New Year ‘s Eve in Barcelona?

Plaça de Catalunya is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike to welcome the New Year, with around 50,000 people gathering together in this square. La Rambla will certainly be packed with people as well. If you’re going there, remember to take your plastic cups with you, as no glasses are allowed in Plaça de Catalunya on Cap d’Any. The tower of Torre Agbar has traditionally celebrated New Year by lighting up in an array of colours. The better alternative is the Magic Fountain of Montjuic with its own New Year ‘s Eve countdown show. Water, colours and music are combined in a dramatic show sure to please your senses.

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After midnight people often attend New Year´s Eve parties, organized by nightclubs and bars. To give you the best options to plan your night ahead we will provide you with a guide of the most popular nightclubs and parties during this night. The guide includes information on pricing, opening hours, how to get there and all the details you will need to make the night unforgettable. Follow this link to get all the information you need.

  •  The following day, 1st of January, is a public holiday in Spain. If you’re visiting Barcelona for a short term stay, this holiday should be taken into account.
  • The Barcelona metro system will be running all night on New Year’s Eve, helping you move around from one party to another a lot faster. Many people will be using the metro, however, so be sure to have a flexible timetable.
  • If you are planning on eating out, it’s highly recommended to reserve a table beforehand, as most decent restaurants will be fully booked on New Year’s Eve in Barcelona.
  • Finding accommodation in Barcelona for New Year’s Eve can be difficult because of the busy season, but below you can see some available suggestions.

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