Dmitrii Nechipurenko

ABOUT ME: Management student from Russia who is interested in European Business processes. Self-improvement is the meaning of my life. Always ready to come for help. Favorite aphorism: «Either I will find a way, or I will make one.» Sidney NATIONALITY: Russian

Emmi Mäenpää

ABOUT ME: I have almost finished my 4th year of studies in the Business Administration degree in Finland and I have only one year left before graduation. My major is marketing and I wanted to do an internship to get some hands on experience on the field. I have studied Spanish at the university and […]

Gülistan Cetin

ABOUT ME: Hey! I’m Gülistan, 20, studying in Istanbul and currently an intern in Barcelona. I’m always up for fun, puppy videos, travel, and food! NATIONALITY: Turkish

Lili Rahel Vadasz

ABOUT ME: Hola, my name is Lili, I’m 22 years old, studying BA Marketing and Commerce, in Hungary. I’m spending 3 months here in Barcelona, doing my internship mainly as a marketing intern. I chose this city because I have already visited it a couple of times before and always wanted to try how is […]

Michaela Svobodová

ABOUT ME: Hi! I’m Misa from the Czech Republic, currently living in Barcelona. I’m a European Studies graduate, oriented to European law. Love traveling, meeting new people and spending days at the beach. Always sticking to a Czech quote “Truth and love will overcome lies and hatred”!:) NATIONALITY: Czech

Chiara Marie Calleja

ABOUT ME: I’m reading for a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication studies in Malta and I’m currently in 1st year of studies. I’ve always been curious to explore life away from my norm, therefore, studying and working abroad have always been so important to me. I have a passion for writing and reading. I find intellectuality […]

Nicholas Ernesto Miedema

ABOUT ME: Hola, I’m Nico. I’m a mix of Honduran and Dutch, and I’m currently studying International Business in the Netherlands. After a six months exchange program in Chile, I knew I wanted to work in a Spanish speaking country, and as the football-lover I am, the decision to come to Barcelona was not a […]

Ana Maria Malo Chiriboga

ABOUT ME: Hi, my name is Ana Maria. Im from Quito, Ecuador.  I’m a student of organizational psychology at IE University in Madrid. It’s been four years since I’ve lived in Europe and I’m in love. Being this far from home is not easy but I learned to adapt to new experiences and get the […]

Ela Bobanac

 ABOUT ME: My name is Ela and I am an International Business student from Croatia. I work in the Human Resources department of Barcelona-Home. Some of my interests include looking at pigeons, observing the cycle of life, discussing metaphysics and dancing to repetitive music. What I don’t like is sand, non-alcoholic beer, and overly enthusiastic […]

Daniela Luzzi

ABOUT ME: Hi, my name is Daniela Luzzi and I’m from Italy. Currently, I am in the third year of university in Languages and Communication for Business and Tourism and as part of my degree I have to do an internship abroad for which I chose Barcelona-Home. I’m so excited to work in such a […]