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Student Housing in Barcelona

Unlike many other travel destinations, Barcelona makes finding accommodation simple for students and young people traveling abroad. Finding proper student housing in Barcelona can be either really easy or hard, depending on the way you approach finding the new roof over your head. Without age limits or expensive security deposits, young travelers can take advantage of the various types of accommodations throughout the city. Flats, hotels, and hostels exist in abundance, and whichever suits your needs can be readily available.

Each barrio or area of Barcelona contains hundreds of places to stay, and with websites such as barcelona-home.com, making reservations has never been easier. By inputing your travel dates, your desired price range, and the type of accommodation you would like to rent, barcelona-home takes care of the rest. You will receive a list of available locations, in various districts of the city, and each with its own benefits and drawbacks. It is then up to you to decide which suits your needs and desires and finalize your rental.

student flats

Spacious single room, Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

From 415€ / MONTH

Spacious single room, Sagrada Familia, Barcelona


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Whether you desire a luxurious apartment, a simple loft, or a bed in a hotel or hostel, Barcelona is the place to stay. With the correct accommodation, you will be able to fully enjoy all this incredible city has to offer, without worrying about cancellations, incorrect information, or extra fees. Using an agent guarantees you will get what you ask for, and in turn what you pay for, and will ensure your satisfaction. A comfortable, convenient place to stay is the first step in planning the ideal vacation, and with Barcelona-home, that step is made simple.

Cozy single room near Parc de Montjuic Barcelona

From 320€ / MONTH

Cozy single room near Parc de Montjuïc, Barcelona


Accommodation Barcelona

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