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Internships in Barcelona| We’re hiring!

Hey future interns, we’re hiring!

Every company needs good employees and we know that the best place to look for talent is at university. Recent graduates or students are full of ideas and knowledge, which we’d like to explore with them. Are you a talented individual looking for internships in Barcelona? Then please read on as we’ll quickly describe all of our positions here at BARCELONA-HOME.

internships in Barcelona - Barcelona-home

Marketing Management

If you’d like to start your internship in marketing, you can expect to be in charge of the new blog posts, social media but also some translations and customer service. You will post on our different platforms on a daily basis, with a great variety of the subjects you’ll be writing about. You’ll be asked about our opinions, and if you have any ideas, we’re always open to listen to them. We also create moments to evaluate your work and this way we ensure that we’re all on the same page.

Booking Agent

As a booking agent, we expect you to take care of everything related to bookings. Answer customer’s calls and e-mails, show them the APARTMENT if they’d like a visit, arrange the check-ins and check-outs. This position is about our sales. Therefore, you’ll also be cooperating with the Marketing department and even help them out on occasions. We are a company that not only focuses on rentals of apartments, we also arrange events and experiences for our clients. This is something to expect as well and adds a lot of variety to your daily tasks.

internships in Barcelona - Barcelona-home

Graphic Design

As a student with experience in graphic design, you’ll be able to work on various projects during your time here. Your creative mind will be put to good use as we expect you to bring creative ideas to the table and execute them. This consists of designing logos, ads, business cards and digital illustrations for our marketing campaigns. You’ll be working with the marketing team, so it’s also useful if you have some knowledge about marketing as well. This way you can interact better while we’re brainstorming on our marketing strategies and content.

internships in Barcelona - Barcelona-home

Content Development

The position says it all, we expect our content developers to create content. This will be content for our BLOG, social media, advertisements, articles and translations. It would be useful if you already have experience with WordPress. However, we can always teach you how to work with it if that isn’t the case. Besides creating the content, we also expect you to control the quality of our blog content and for this, we’ll teach you how to work with certain programs.

Search Engine Optimisation

During your internship in SEO, you will perform different web optimisation tasks in order to increase the visibility of our website. For this, you’ll be working side by side with our Content Manager. Other tasks will include being in control of the quality of our backlinks and optimise the structure of the WEBSITE. You will develop or fine-tune skills including the Google Webmasters Tool, Marketing, SEO, CMS, Google Analytics and quality control.

internships in Barcelona - Barcelona-home

Property Management

Our main tasks as a company are rentals. As a property manager, you’ll make sure we have a property to rent. Meet up with tenants and owners, check the apartments and verify the utilities, arrange check-ins and check-outs, create contracts, track our rentals and follow them up, ensure the apartments are ready and clean for the clients. This is a position for a very organised person, as there are many things that you’ll need to follow up.


This position offers on one hand the possibility to get experience in how a company is managed. On the other hand, you’ll also learn how to operate in the HR department. For the management part, you’ll receive projects that you are in charge of for a long period of time, you’ll assist the CEO, manage problems in the company accordingly and ensure everything is on the right path. Once you’re done with the management tasks, you’ll tackle the HR tasks. You’ll be responsible for a large part of the recruitment process, and be in contact with the applicants from start to finish. Both departments are intertwined, and you’ll need to be flexible and focused in order to complete the tasks. In short, a perfect internship for an organised person with good people skills.


For all of our internships in Barcelona, it is important that you’ll be able to work in a dynamic environment. And as you may have noticed, most of our positions require you to be flexible and work cross-departmentally. This is a great learning opportunity. In the office, we always communicate in English, but any additional language is a plus and you’ll have the perfect opportunity to improve your SpanishIf you’re interested in one of our internships, please send an e-mail to: [email protected]

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