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Dental insurance for tourists in Barcelona

When you are travelling, the last thing that you want is a dental emergency. Dental problems can be a painful experience and can be sure to ruin your holiday. Whenever you travel it’s important to have medical insurance, however, many of the insurance options do not include dental insurance. Furthermore, although Spain has one of the best public health systems in the world, it does not cover much in terms of dental problems.  In this blog we show you the 3 best dental insurance options in Barcelona.

#1 Sanitas

Sanitas is the second largest private medical insurer in Spain. It also forms part of the Bupa group, an international healthcare group with over 31 million customers worldwide. Furthermore, it has over 200 dental clinics in Spain and over 10 in Barcelona. Sanitas offers 3 options for dental insurance: premium, milenium and flex. In all of the options, children under 6 get free insurance with one paying parent. Additionally, you can get up to 40% off on dental treatments.

Dental insurance for tourists in Barcelona Barcelona Home

Premium: Premium includes 62 different dental services. It is definitely the best option for someone who has frequent dental problems. As well as the various dental services included, you also get 2 free fillings or reconstructions per year. The premium option costs 14.90€/month with a deposit or 16.90€/month without.

Milenium: Milenium includes 45 different dental services. You will not receive the 2 free fillings or reconstructions per year, however, most common dental problems are included in the insurance. Milenium costs 9.20€/month with a deposit or 10.50€/month without.

Flex: Flex is the most basic insurance that Sanitas offers and includes 19 different dental services. You can supplement the Flex plan with 3 add-ons that add more services to the standard Flex. Each pack has a different purpose, so if you have one recurring dental problem, you can choose the pack that covers this. Flex costs 4.50€/month and each pack costs an additional 12€/month. You will receive bigger discounts depending on how many packs you add.

The wide range of policies that Sanitas offers make it a good choice for both people who have frequent dental problems, or those that just want to have peace of mind when travelling. Furthermore, Sanitas is a well-known and reputable company so you can be sure there’ll be no problems if you take out insurance with them. Finally, Sanitas offers big discounts for families from 3-6 people which make it appealing if you are travelling with younger ones.

#2 Adeslas

Adeslas is the second option for dental insurance in Barcelona. Adeslas is the health insurance branch of VidaCaixa part of the CaixaBank group, one of the largest banks in Spain. There are 194 Adeslas clinics in Spain and around 35 in the Barcelona area. The policy covers a wide range of dental treatments and offers big discounts on the most frequent dental problems, such as fillings. Adeslas has one policy for everyone that costs 12€/month. However, you receive a discount if you take out more than one policy. 2 policyholders cost 10€/month and 3 cost 8€/month.

Dental insurance for tourists in Barcelona Barcelona Home

In your first year, 38 services are included at no extra cost. This increases in year 2 to 48 and in year 3 to 49. This is one of the best parts about Adeslas dental insurance; the longer you stay with them the more services are included. Adeslas dental insurance would be perfect for someone who is in Spain for a long time or perhaps visits Spain frequently. On the other hand, the services offered in the first year are more than sufficient for tourists who are only going to be in Spain for a week.

#3 Aegon

Dental insurance for tourists in Barcelona Barcelona Home

Last but by no means least, Aegon dental insurance. Aegon is a multinational life insurance company that offers very cost effective dental insurance in Spain. With Aegon you will have access to over 270 dental professionals and over 50 free services. You will also have access to up to 40% off a selection of dental treatments. Most importantly, this all comes to the very affordable price of 6.90€/month. Aegon is certainly a very affordable option and it also offers very good health insurance if needed.


Sanitas: https://www.sanitas.es/
+34 91 752 28 52

Adeslas: https://www.segurcaixaadeslas.es/en/particulares
+34 900 50 50 40

Aegon: https://www.aegon.es/
+34 91 123 31 45

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